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The Pursuit of Cocktails

Superbird Grapefruit Tequila Paloma can cocktail review

" . . . I can already tell the Superbird Paloma will be a go-to cocktail for me this summer!"
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Canned cocktail review: Cape Line Sparkling Cocktail Hard Strawberry Lemonade

" . . . While I'm not the biggest fan of hard seltzers, sometimes the sparkling cocktails (which is usually just code for hard seltzer) are a little sweeter so fingers crossed I'll like this Cape Line sparkling cocktail."
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5 Virtual Mixology classes that will elevate your home bartender skills

In an effort to improve my cocktail making skills, I've found five virtual mixology classes I want to try this summer. Take a peek at the list and maybe you'll join me in a cocktail making class soon!
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5 Pre made margaritas worth trying for Cinco De Mayo + 1 epic virgin margarita option

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and I wanted to share with you my favorite ready-to-drink margarita options for traditional, spicy, and fruity margaritas plus a pre made virgin margarita for a booze-free option.
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I'm trying the brand new JuneShine canned cocktails!

" . . . There are a few pretty exciting things about these new JuneShine canned cocktails worth noting right off. First, each can has two shots for real liquor! Two shots! Of real liquor!"
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