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The Pursuit of Cocktails

Crown Royal Washington Apple canned cocktail review

" . . . This one tastes much closer to the original Crown Royal Washington Apple whiskey that the canned cocktail is inspired by."
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Crown Royal Peach Tea canned cocktail review

" . . . I want to be optimistic that these will be great cocktails in a can but in the past I've been pretty disappointed in what the "big guys" bring to the table for their canned cocktails. Fingers crossed Crown Royal will buck that trend."
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Cocktail subscription box review: Shaker and Spoon

" . . . I was excited to try all the obscure ingredients that came in my box that I would 100% never buy on my own." 
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10 Cocktail subscription boxes worth trying

We love an easy cocktails around here and it doesn't get much easier than having a full cocktail making kit shipped right to your house so I'm rounding up 10 monthly cocktail subscriptions I want to try.
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Cocktail Mix Review:
Stirrings Peach Bellini

" . . . Next time I get a sad little Bellini I'll recommend they switch to the Stirrings cocktail mix!"
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