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Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's

Ready-to-drink Cocktail Review: Trader Joe's Secco Strawberry & Raspberry Rossini

" . . .It's an inexpensive ($6!) guilty pleasure I'll be adding to my life often."
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Trader Joe's Cocktail review: Cold Brew Liqueur

" . . . it was just like a lightly flavored iced coffee - in a dangerous-while-trying-to-be-a-responsible-adult way so watch out for that!"
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Trader Joe's Cocktail Review: Cocoa Cream Liqueur

" . . . don't hesitate, just head to Trader Joe's right now and pick this up before it's gone. You might even want to grab a couple of bottles."
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Trader Joe's Boozy Chocolate Truffles review

" . . . The box claims there is "a little bit of booze in each bite" so you *know* I had to try them!"
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Trader Joe's Cocktail Hour Advent Calendar review

Join me on TikTok as I try the boozy chocolate "Cocktail Hour" advent calendar from Trader Joe's
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