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Adult Halloween Party Ideas + Drinks

Adult Halloween party ideas and drinks

Who said Halloween is just for kids?

Forget that! Grown-ups are the ones who need to scare away the bad stuff! Plus Halloween a great excuse to be someone else for a day AND drink themed cocktails - which makes everything better in my book.

If you are thinking of throwing a grown-up Halloween shin-dig this year, we've got you covered with a few ideas to get you started and even more ideas on our Pinterest. First up, let's decorate.

Halloween decorations

Everyone has their own Halloween aesthetic. Are you more scary or cute?

We are team cute around here and we've pulled together a few of our favorite *cute* Halloween ideas. I mean, get out of here with those cute ghost pinatas!

Adult Halloween party decorations
1. Halloween mantle decorations from A Kailo Chic Life
2. DIY Halloween pinatas from Make & Tell
3. Pun-pkins from Studio DIY
4. Halloween party photo booth from Oh Joy!

Halloween Cocktails

Is it even a party if there isn't a signature cocktail? We think not.

Here are four yummy options to get you started. We have even more on our Halloween Cocktail Pinterest board so if these don't strike your fancy head over there for more. We are all about the booze after all.

Adult Halloween party drinks with alcohol

1. Halloween sangria from Well Plated. Pick up colored sugar for your glasses here
2. Spiked Jolly Rancher party punch from Sugar and Charm
3. Pumpkin punch from Honestly Yum
4. Blackbeard martini from Honestly Yum

Halloween Snacks

Decor - done, cocktails - check. Now onto the snacks.

Halloween snacks can definitely look bit kid-y but we think these treats could be a fun addition to your party. As we were cruising the interwebs we learned that if 
you put candy eyes on any food it instantly becomes a Halloween snack. Pizza with eyes? Why not? If you have trouble finding the eyes locally, you can grab them online here.

Adult Halloween party food

1. Toxic waste mac 'n cheese from Cooking with Curls
2. Jalapeno mummies from Frugal Coupon Living
3. Halloween double chocolate monster cookies from Bakers Royal
4. Zombie nachos from Shaken Together Life

Halloween Party favors

Strictly speaking, if you've decorated, stocked the bar and fed your guests you are already an incredible hostess!

But if you want to take it to the next level, why not add a few party favors to the mix. We love these DIY skeleton trophies and the idea of adding a little flair to your cocktails with our "here for the boos" Halloween straws. Or serve your Halloween punch in our reusable, hard plastic solo cups. That way everyone has a party favor to take home and you don't have to do the dishes at the end of the night. Win win!

Adult Halloween party favors

1. DIY Halloween party costume contest trophies from Make it Love it. Pick up posable mini skeletons here.
2. Halloween party cups and straws from The Pursuit of Cocktails

If you try any of these Halloween ideas, we'd love to hear from you in the comments. And check out our Pinterest boards for even more Halloween ideas: 

Party Planning

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