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About Us

Have we met before?

You may have seen us around as Blue Penguin Shop. After several years, and several hard knocks, we went into our cocoon in late 2016 and have re-emerged as the beautiful butterfly "The Pursuit of Cocktails."

The Pursuit of Cocktails is all about chasing those beautiful moments of pure happiness when you are surrounded by friends who just get you. Those moments where, mid-laugh, you realize you truly love the person sitting across from you and you are so happy they are in your life. That is the Pursuit of Cocktails.

If it involves friendship, shenanigans and laughter, we want to be there.

We love to have fun around here and we want you to have fun too. We design all of our party goods with that in mind. We want you to have the perfect party cup with a witty pun that breaks the ice and helps you make a new friend. Or the a one-of-a-kind party favor that commemorate a trip of a lifetime with your girls. If it involves friendship, shenanigans and laughter, we want to be there.

About Jaime Fowler - Chief Cocktail Taster

Jaime comes from a long line of makers. Having been blessed with a childhood filled with handmade quilts, clothes and furniture, it was only a matter of time before she started making too. Armed with decades of craftsmanship in her blood and a business degree, Jaime decided to buck tradition and trade a desk job for a life of making. Nothing makes her happier than getting off the computer and getting her hands dirty. She deeply cares about each one of her customers and aspires to creating the perfect item for each one of them.


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