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My favorite canned & ready-to-drink cocktails of 2021

As 2021 comes to a close I wanted to share with you the cocktails I tried this year that I'm still thinking about in a good way. These are my all-time favorites and the ones I would 100% recommend trying in the new year.
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Canned cocktail review: Midnight Moon Moonshine Lightning Lemonade and Watermelon

" . . Never in my life did I think I would say a watermelon flavored cocktail would make my favorites list but it one me over with it's sweet candy flavored buzz."
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Canned Cocktail Review: Ole Smoky Mountain Mule, Mountain 'Rita, and Blackberry Lemonade

" . . . I am soooo impressed with how they carried that heritage over to their canned cocktails. The design of the label makes the can look exactly like a clear jar."
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Canned Cocktail Review: Ole Smoky Moonshine Apple Pie Ginger

" . . . I almost cried I loved it so much. And then I did cry when my can was empty!"
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