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hard kombucha

hard kombucha

10 Canned cocktails to try this summer

To kick off the summer right, I wanted to share with you ten canned cocktails worth checking out as we switch to the long days of summer. 
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Canned Cocktail Review: Flying Embers Lemon Orchard Hard Kombucha

" . . . hard kombucha makes my little cocktail-loving heart so happy!"
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Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

" . . . But why stop there? Why not cocktail gummy bears?!?!"
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Ready-to-drink cocktail review: Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha Blueberry Basil

". . .Kombucha tasting at a sketchy Portland art event, yep! I've done it and lived to tell about it."
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Ready-to-drink cocktail review:
Wild Tonic Kombucha

". . . this is definitely not your mama's beer - unless your mom is a rad yogi from Sedona in which case I'm totally jealous and will she adopt me?"
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