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The Pursuit of Cocktails

Bottled cocktail review:
Van Meer's Brownie Liqueur

" . . . While it is not super boozy it does have just enough booze gently melt away your day. I 100% suggest sipping this cocktail during your Netflix and Chill time this winter."
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Canned cocktail review: Midnight Moon Moonshine Lightning Lemonade and Watermelon

" . . Never in my life did I think I would say a watermelon flavored cocktail would make my favorites list but it one me over with it's sweet candy flavored buzz."
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Easy vodka cocktail review: Finlandia Botanical Flavored Vodka

". . . I will be popping both of these bottles in the freezer for a nice, chilled cocktail next time I need a strong drink that isn't as heavy as my go-to whiskey."
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Trader Joe's Cocktail Review: Cocoa Cream Liqueur

" . . . don't hesitate, just head to Trader Joe's right now and pick this up before it's gone. You might even want to grab a couple of bottles."
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Ready-to-drink cocktail review: Winterhaven Farms Egg Nog

" . . . I come from a long line of non-drinkers so needless to say there is not a secret family recipe I'll be comparing this pre-made version to."
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