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Ready to drink cocktail review: Dry Fly Distilling Greyhound & Gin and Tonic

" . . . color me surprised when I took my first sip of the Dry Fly Gin and Tonic!!"
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Canned Cocktail Review: Cocktail Squad - Part 2

" . . . the bar is pretty high for this week. I'm expecting great things from the Cocktail Squad greyhound and whiskey sour."
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Cocktail mix review:
Owen's Craft Mixers (Part 2)

" . . . I'm nervous about this one. Tonic water and grapefruit are not my favorite flavors."
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Canned cocktail review: 10 Torr's Greyhound soda + Cucumber cooler

" . . . Both names lend you an idea of what they are going to be but the 10 Torr touch has made these cocktails 100 times better than what you're thinking."
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