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champagne cocktails

champagne cocktails

10 Canned cocktails to try this summer

To kick off the summer right, I wanted to share with you ten canned cocktails worth checking out as we switch to the long days of summer. 
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Cocktail Mix Review:
Stirrings Peach Bellini

" . . . Next time I get a sad little Bellini I'll recommend they switch to the Stirrings cocktail mix!"
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Ready-to-drink Cocktail Review: Trader Joe's Secco Strawberry & Raspberry Rossini

" . . .It's an inexpensive ($6!) guilty pleasure I'll be adding to my life often."
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Canned Wine Review: Archer Roose Bubbly & Rosé

" . . .  I'm mixing it up this week with a canned wine review!!"
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Canned Cocktail Review: Picnic Brunch Mimosa

" . . . This one was a bit of a head scratcher for me."
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