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Honcho Agua Fresca canned cocktail reviewed

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Honcho Spiked Agua Fresca canned cocktail review by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Hi cocktail lovers! This week I'm trying my second spiked agua fresca. If you aren't familiar with agua frescas they are a traditional Mexican drink - usually without booze - that are typically fresh fruit blended with water and a touch of sugar. They are so refreshing and I highly recommend trying them any time you get a chance. The best ones usually come from the push cart of a sweet older gentleman. 

It would be pretty easy to top off your street cart agua fresca with a little tequila or maybe vodka so a premade, canned cocktail version is kind of interesting. I was not a huge fan of the one I tried previously. You can read that review here. But I'm not one to judge a whole category based on one experience so I'm excited to try this version from Honcho. Plus, did you see that packaging?!?!? Five out of five for the can alone!

But let's go ahead and try it before we judge this book by it's cover.

Here is my official review of Honcho Spiked Agua Fresca:


3 out of 5 cocktail shakers

I like this spiked agua fresca sooooo much better! For this review I tried both the prickly pear and the mango. I started with the prickly pear and it was lightly flavored, super easy to drink. it had no bitterness at all which is my main hang up with hard seltzers in general. Overall, I found the prickly pear to be very drinkable.

Next up I tried the mango expecting to find it pleasant but nothing crazy. Color me surprised!! The mango was so good! The mango version has a lot more flavor. It is wonderfully tropical and light and refreshing. I'm a big fan!

I really liked the Honcho agua frescas. I'm giving them a 3/5 for flavor simply because there isn't a ton of flavor there. These are lightly flavored cocktails similar to other hard seltzers. And because the base of these is actually fruit wine, there isn't a liquor flavor either. That's not a bad thing at all and I will totally recommend these to a friend that prefers a light on flavor + light on booze cocktail. Plus bonus points for them only being 100 calories.



1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

This canned cocktail was not at all sweet in either flavor. In both cases, it was more refreshing than anything else. It mango may have been slightly sweeter but not in a way where you'd even think about it being sweet.



1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = Four Lokos

Officially this one rings in at 4% ABV so it matches up with a lot of the other hard seltzers on the market. I can't say that I noticed any type of buzz from this cocktail but I did enjoy the flavor and the bubbles so I'll keep this option in mind for anytime I have a long day of day drinking ahead of me at a festival or other event.

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

Possibly, probably. I really enjoyed the mango and it is different than any other cocktail I've tried so far. Plus the cans are so cute. I would consider picking this up to take to a low-key party.

AND their website shows a blueberry lemon version which I will 100% pick up if I spot it.

If you want to buy them online, use this link:

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Cheers! See you next week!  


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