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Boozy Gummy Bears Recipe

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Boozy bears recipe by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Let's make some "boozy bears"

I'm sure you've had, or at least seen, vodka gummy bears. They were huge on Pinterest a few years ago and I may have made a few batches myself. Then came the champagne gummy bears - especially popular for bachelorette parties. But why stop there? Why not cocktail gummy bears?!?!

Let's make that the new thing! And I'm going to call it right now and name them "boozy bears." 

To kick off this little experiment I picked up my favorite gummy bears from the bulk bins at Sprouts and grabbed an unopened bottle of hard kombucha I had left over from my review a few weeks ago and jumped right in. This is a super simple process but here are the steps I followed:

Here is the recipe: 

Boozy bears recipe from The Pursuit of Cocktails

What you'll need:

  • 1 bag of your favorite gummy bears
  • 1 bottle of hard kombucha


  1. Place gummy bears in a dish where they aren't too crowded and there is room for you to cover them with liquid.
  2. Pour in the hard kombucha so that the liquid line is above all of the gummy bears.
  3. Stir occasionally while letting them soak 1-2 days. If you forget to stir them they can mold together and then you have one large brick of boozy gummies that you'll have to cut up like Rice Krispy treats. Not a terrible outcome but you lose the cute bears.

The result: 

Boozy bears recipe using hard kombucha by The Pursuit of Cocktails

You'll know when they are ready when the individual bears have doubled in size and there isn't excess liquid at the bottom of the pan.

So how did they taste?

Pretty darn good! These were mildly kombucha flavored, pretty boozy and yet you can still taste the original gummy bear flavor. I can't wait to try this recipe using other ready-to-drink cocktails. I'm already dreaming of whipping up some "old fashion boozy bears" using a can last week's Barrel Thief.

I also think these could be great frozen to use as ice in your summer cocktails so they don't get watered down. 

What do you think? Would you try these at a party? Will you make some yourself? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you come up with. Until next week - cheers!!

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  • I’m surprised how good these actually tasted!!! Way better than vodka gummy bears 🐻 😂

    Emma on

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