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Hey there cocktail-loving babes

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Hi! In case we haven't officially met, I'm Jaime. The cocktail loving girl behind The Pursuit of Cocktails.

Want to hear a little secret about me? I definitely drink wine - especially if it's at a beautiful wine tasting room/patio on a sunny day. And I totally love a good craft beer, the darker the better. But there is something special about cocktails. They just make me feel *pretty*, ya know?

And here is another little secret, I'm actually pretty low-key when it comes to making cocktails myself. I am 100% down for partaking in an "artisan cocktail hand-crafted by a master mixologist" when I'm out at a bar with my girls. I appreciate that kind of craft. But real talk? There is no way I'm going to make a "bespoke elixir" for a normal Tuesday night hangout. I would much rather spend my girl time actually talking to my girls than playing bartender. And I'm pretty sure my friends would think I was nuts for going full Martha Stewart on the drinks when we are chilling at the pool on our unicorn floaties.

Maybe you're like me and cocktails are your jam too! And you wish there was an easier way to cocktail that didn't involve stocking your bar with a bunch of different liquors and mixers and planning ahead to shop for all the different ingredients to make that pretty drink from Pinterest. Or even more like me, and you hate to roll up to a party with a bunch of different bottles to make your cocktails. It's so much easier - and let's be honest, much less dramatic - to just show up with beer or wine. But should we really have to settle ladies???

I say, no way! And that is what this blog will be all about. Easy cocktails for those of us with more than one thing to do today. Reviews of pre-made cocktails you can take to those parties so you know which ones are good and which ones to skip. Plus lots of girl gang love because it's tough out there and we have to stick together ladies.  

Keep an eye out for my first review in a few days. Until then - cheers my dears. 😘

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