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Valentine's Day cocktail garnish ideas for fun a girls' night drinks

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Valentine's Day cocktail garnish ideas for an easy Galentine's Day party

Happy Galentine's Day cocktail lovers! I love *any* excuse to get together with my girls. Throw in some love-themed cocktails and I'm doubly excited!

As I'm sure you know by now, I love easy entertaining which is why canned and ready-to-drink cocktails are so close to my heart. And they are perfect for parties like Galentine's Day because you don't need to buy a bunch of special ingredients and there is no mixing require to serve your gals delicious cocktails. You get to just pop the top and have an instant cocktail.

But cocktails are even more fun when you add a drink garnish which has always been tricky to say the least with canned cocktails. Which is exactly why I invented the Swizzly Stick™.  A Swizzly Stick fits perfectly on most cans, allowing you to finally add a garnish to your canned cocktails. And the best part is, it will stay in place as you sip, chat, and even dance. 

With Galentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to share how I'm dressing up canned cocktails for my girls.

Step 1: Grab your some yummy ready-to-drink cocktails. This year I'm serving up bellinis and mimosas from Ohza. I love that these are sparkling cocktails and they are the perfect fit for Galentine's Day.

Step 2: Pick up some Valentine's Day cocktail garnishes. I stopped by Trader Joe's for some strawberries, heart-shaped macarons, and gummy XO candy. I also spotted some heart-shaped marshmallows in the Valentine's Day section at Target so I grabbed those as well.

Step 3: Grab your Swizzly Sticks. I picked a few of my favorite red and pink Swizzly Sticks from my collection. You can check out all of the Swizzly Stick designs here.

Step 4: Dress up those cocktails!


Valentine's Day cocktail garnish ideas:

Love-themed cocktail garnish ideas perfect for canned cocktails using a Swizzly Stick

Idea #1: Gummy XO candies from Trader Joe's

Galentine's Day party cocktail garnish idea for canned cocktails using a Swizzly Stick

If this is your first time using a Swizzly Stick, let me give you a close up to show how it works. The cocktail stick itself has three strategiclly placed notches. The notch closest to the ring in the photo below lines up with the outer rim of the can. The notch in the middle lines up with the underside of the tab. And the final notch lines up with the other side of the tab and will end up on the top. 

To attach your Swizzly Stick, pop the top of your can leaving the tab up slightly. Hold the Swizzly Stick with the wider side facing up and slide the pointed end of the Swizzly Stick through the hole in the tab. Line up the notches and then rotate the Stick to an upright position. Then slightly twist the Swizzly Stick to lock it in place against the rim of the can. If it is on correctly, you will be able to pick up the can without the Swizzly Stick moving.

Now you are ready to add your garnish! As you can see below, I utilized the pointy end of the stick to slide the gummy candies onto the Swizzly Stick. Total game changer right?!?!

Swizzly Stick canned cocktail garnish holder up close


Love-themed cocktail garnish idea #2: Heart-shaped marshmallows from Target

Valentine's Day drink decorations for love-themed cocktails


Galentine's Day drink garnish idea #3: Strawberries

Strawberries are such a versatile cocktail garnish. Use them whole, cut them into heart-shaped slices, or go all out with a chocolate dipped strawberry.

Galentine's Day celebration easy cocktail idea for your girlfriends' get-together


Valentine's Day cocktail garnish idea #4: Trader Joe's heart-shaped macarons (this one is my favorite!) 

Valentine's Day cocktail garnish idea for Galentine's Day parties using Trader Joe's snacks


Which idea is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments. 

Girls' night drinks idea love-themed cocktail garnishes for canned cocktails using Swizzly Sticks

 Happy Galentine's Day girlie!!




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  • Heya.

    This year I went to a girly baking class instead. We made heart shaped sugar cookies and pink cupcakes in order to eat late that night. I took them home in a box. That night we had some white wine, the cookies and cupcakes after a quick dinner earlier on. We happily ate them all whilst we sat on a couch in the front room and watched a old cheap romantic movie on Netflix. That was a lot of fun too. Afterwards we talked in bed about the future. Best of luck.

    Seriously. We did not bother with thank you letters this year however. To make up for the last two years I bought a bottle of white wine. We had a candlelight dinner at home in addition to save money. I would have had biscuits but I was too lazy to make them in advance. Neither of us wanted to go out to eat. Far from it. So we had a mini party at home all on the cheap.

    Thara on

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