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Galentine's Day Party Ideas + Cocktails for your girl gang

Galentine's Day party ideas and cocktail recipes

Photos by Alyssa Poland Photography & Someplace Images

Galentine's Day > Valentine's Day

We know you don't need an excuse to celebrate your friends but maybe you need a good excuse to get a girl date on the cally. May we suggest a Galentine's Day Party?

It's the perfect, girly excuse to have a fun, cocktail + dessert filled friend sess. 

My friendship group is filled with bad ass creative ladies so for our Galentine's Day we each brought our talents to the table in a low stress way. When you are creative for a living sometimes it is hard to find time to create for just yourself. It's something our group talks about all the time. We know we need to be making things regularly that aren't for our clients (we LOVE creating for you btw!) but it's hard to find the time because, life.

So as a mini social experiment, I suggested we get together for a little Galentine's Day party photo shoot. We hope you enjoy our party and are inspired to take a few of these ideas and throw your own Galentine's.

This Galentine's Day is brought to you by our tribe of Reno/Tahoe girl bosses:

Galentine's Day Cocktails:

If you've been following me for awhile (Hi!), then you know I am all about easy cocktails. And if you haven't been following me (Hi, welcome to our cocktail loving girl gang!), then you should know that I whole-heartedly believe in finding delicious, simple cocktails for you to whip up and then enjoy WITH your girls instead of playing bartender the whole time. I want you to have time to actually hang with your girls and enjoy your girl time. SO for your Galentine's Day party I'm suggesting two premade bottled cocktail mixes that make it super easy to whip up a big batch cocktail.

Cocktail option #1: Peach Bellinis
Who doesn't love to hear that POP when you open a bottle of champagne? (This is a rhetorical question because our friend Brianna is actually terrified of the pop. Sorry girl - we love it! Can't stop; won't stop.)

I love this peach bellini mix from Stirrings. It makes it soooo easy to have champagne cocktails all day long. You can make cocktails by the glass or mix a full pitcher. Check back on Friday for a full review of this mix.

Galentine's Day cocktail idea - premade Bellini mixPhoto by Alyssa Poland Photography 

Cocktail option #2: Cosmos

If your girls are in need of a stronger cocktail, may I suggest a Cosmo a la Sex and the City. I personally LOVE cosmos because they are typically strong AF and taste so good. 

I am loving the classic Cosmopolitan mix from Powell & Mahoney. The flavor is perfect for a cosmo and you can make a big batch cocktail using the full bottle of mix plus a full bottle of citrus vodka. Or go for half a bottle of each. You really can't mess that kind of math up and you end up with a delicious cocktail with no need to spend time measuring precisely. Read my full review of this cocktail mix here.

Galentine's Day party cocktail recipe

Photo by Alyssa Poland Photography

You can grab these hot pink, glitter-dipped cocktail glasses for your Galentine's Day party from our shop.

Galentine's Day treats:

A party without a cake is just a meeting right? Galentine's Day is the perfect reason to get a fancy grown-up cake - not kids birthday party cake but like a REAL bakery cake from a local bakery that isn't Costco or the grocery store. 

Our gal Mollie of Rebel Pioneer Bakery is a fanatic about using real, organic ingredients with "no shit" as she likes to say. Plus, her cakes and cookies are stunning AND so yummy - proving that you don't have to have either pretty OR tasty OR quality ingredients. She uses her magic to do it all at once. If you are anywhere near Tahoe, you need to look her up - especially if you are shopping for a wedding cake. This girl brings it!

Galentine's Day cake from Reno/Tahoe organic bakery Rebel Pioneer BakeryPhoto by Alyssa Poland Photography

Galentine's Day Decorations:

This is where I got to play a little and make something just because. I spotted this DIY table cloth idea on Pinterest and decided this was the perfect addition to our party and it literally couldn't be simpler.

I used a full roll of bulletin board paper from Michaels, a sponge brush and cheap craft paint. I rolled the paper out on the floor and then went to town making X's and O's across the paper. My one tip would be to start in one corner at a 45 degree angle. From there you can just go left to right repeating the pattern row to row until you get to the end of the paper. It is so easy and it looks so pretty!

Galetine's Day party decoration ideas
Photo by Alyssa Poland Photography

I also wanted to make a little Galentine's Day gift for all of you so I whipped up this banner using my Silhouette and some yarn I had laying around. You can download my free cut file here and make one for your party.

Support your local girl gang banner

 Photo by Alyssa Poland Photography 

Galentine's Day Party Favors:

For our party we had flower crowns. They were so fun to wear during the party and to take home that night. You may have even seen my pup sporting mine on Instagram later that evening.

My friend Bethany of Sunflower and Sage Floral is magic with flowers and she was sweet enough to make one for each of us. If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen her work. She created that bad ass palm tower for our desert photo shoot. A little behind the scene dish - I was so stressed trying to pull that shoot together that I was ready to call the whole thing off. But Bethany had that palm tower in mind and was not about to miss the chance to make it. So she took the reins and made the whole thing happen. That is the kind of support every girl needs - especially if you are a girl boss running a small business.

Bethany makes these flower crowns like it is no big deal but we are all in love with them. I'm pretty sure Carly, you'll hear more about her in a minute, would wear one 24/7 if she could. If you have an event, wedding or just really want to rock a flower crown for your birthday, Bethany is your girl.

Galentine's Day flower crowns from Reno/Tahoe florist Sunflower and Sage Floral

And these pretty ladies above captured the whole party. The are both super super talented photographers - and even better, they like each other so there is no competition even though they are in the same field and so similar in a lot of ways. They are both Lake Tahoe natives, they both love to travel the world for photography and they are both bad ass girl bosses. 

Carly, on the left, is the body positive, confidence boosting bad ass behind Someplace Images. She is based out of Tahoe but she travels the world most of the year shooting adventure weddings and boudoir sessions. If you've ever thought even for one second about having sexy photos of yourself taken, then you should join her Facebook group. She shares all the details about what goes into a shoot and she's built a 3000+ community of women that lift each other up and shout body love from the roof tops.

Alyssa, the babe on the right, is the girly, glitter-loving magic maker behind Alyssa Poland Photography. She is a Reno/Tahoe wedding photographer with a gorgeous, light and airy style that is pure luxury.  She grew up in Lake Tahoe so she knows all the best place, the best vendors and the best ways to navigate the sometimes unpredictable weather of this stunning wedding destination. She is girly to the max with a hot pink photography case - even her drone is pink - and she knows exactly how to make girls feel pretty and relaxed on their wedding days. Plus, she is a riot to be around. There is a wit behind that sweet smile that will have you laughing in no time.

So that's my girl gang. They are pretty great! Hopefully we've inspired you to take an afternoon to throw a party in honor of what makes your girl gang so special.

For more Galentine's Day party ideas check out our Pinterest board for more:

Party Planning

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