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Friendsgiving Party Ideas + Drinks

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Friendsgiving Party Ideas for Adults + Friendsgiving Drinks

You know what is better than your family Thanksgiving? You guessed it. The one you spend with your friends.

If you haven't thrown a Friendsgiving yet you totally should.  And it doesn't have to be stressful. You can keep it simple with a pot-luck style meal so you aren't stuck doing all the cooking - unless you want to, and in that case, can we come too? Throw in a few special decorations and a big batch cocktail and you're set. It is the perfect way to set aside time to celebrate with your friends and enjoy some quality time together before the holiday season kicks into high gear.

We have rounded up a few of our favorite Friendsgiving ideas to get you started and we have even more over on our Pinterest. First up, let's dig into the food.

Friendsgiving Food:

If you aren't a big fan of cooking for a crowd - don't.

Create a pot-luck sign up and call it a day. We have a ton of unique Thanksgiving foods saved on our Pinterest board. Feel free to share it with your whole crew or create your own board. Just because the food is the center of the holiday doesn't mean it has to be stressful.

Friendsgiving recipe ideas for Friendsgiving party1. Mini hasselback potatoes from Women's Day
2. Cranberry pomegranate bruschetta from The Café 
3. Cranberry asiago turkey sliders from Will Cook for Smiles
4. Sweet potato casserole bites from Wonky Wonderful
5.  Mac and cheese bites from Chef-in-Training
6.  Turkey cranberry brie egg rolls from Recipe Runner

Friendsgiving Cocktails:

Studies show if you serve a signature cocktail at your party, your guests are 1000% more likely to have a great time and think you are an amazing host. Okay, we totally made that up but it's probably true. Here are a few big batch cocktails to take into consideration.

Friendsgiving drinks for adult Friendsgiving party
1. Cranberry apple moscow mule punch from Whitney Bond
2. Bourbon cider sours from Bless Her Heart Y'all
3. Apple cider punch from I Heart Naptime ( we recommend adding caramel vodka)
4. Champagne punch from A Spicy Perspective

Friendsgiving Decor:

It is so hard to make friends as adult. Which means finding those friends definitely deserves a party. Friendsgiving is the perfect time to celebrate each other and your friendship. Add a few decorations to queue your guests that they are in for a special event and maybe even send them home with a little party favor and some leftovers. We love these DIY clay wishbones.
Friendsgiving ideas decorations

1. Friendsgiving banner from The Kitchn
2. DIY clay wishbones from Oh Happy Day!
3. Fancy AF party straws from The Pursuit of Cocktails  
4. Punny Friendsgiving balloons from Studio DIY

Follow our Friendsgiving Pinterest board for even more ideas:

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