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Canned Wine Review: Archer Roose Bubbly & Rosé

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

 Canned wine review of Archer Roose Rose and Bubbly by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Hi there cocktail lovers! I'm mixing it up this week with a canned wine review!! You know that I am a die hard cocktail lover. I do drink beer fairly often and basically never drink wine. However - I love champagne. Champagne cocktails. Champagne straight from the bottle. Sign me up. I will also occasionally drink a rosé if I'm out somewhere and there are no other good choices. So when the team at Archer Roose offered to send me some samples I decided we'd mix it up a bit and add these two canned wine options to the blog. They did send me their sauvignon blanc as well but I have no business chiming in with my thoughts on that one since it is way out of my wheelhouse so I'm going to skip that one for our purposes here.

Right off the bat, I love their branding. It has this old school mixed with new school vibe and then you look closer at the line drawing and realize there is a boss babe riding a moose!! Wearing a top hat! There are so many layers to that artwork and I have never been more happy to get a sticker in a PR package! I won't ruin the surprise but the story of the lady on the moose is on the cans so if you are curious about it make sure to check that out.

Now, onto the review! I of course styled each of my cans with a Swizzly Stick™. For the Bubbly I chose a black Diamond Ring Swizzly Stick from the Wedding Collection. And for the rosé I went with a classic white Cheers Swizzly Stick. I added fresh strawberries to each and then I was ready to sip.

Archer Roose Bubbly: Archer Roose Bubbly reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails styled with a diamond ring Swizzly Stick

Overall score: 4 / 5

4 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all // Five shakers = your teeth may curl
1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
Booziness: 10.5% ABV
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos 
4 out of 5 cocktail shakers

I wanted to get the full, canned champagne experience so I did sip this out of the can. I figured this was the best way to test it's on-the-go experience to see if it would work well for picnics or pool side. That on-the-go ability is what draws me to ready-to-drink cocktails in the first place and it would be lovely to add a good champagne option to the mix.

Guess what?!?! This one is totally worth adding! It is a full champagne experience just like you'd have out of a bottle. I was a little worried it might have a "canned" taste that some of the lesser well done drinks do. But there is no sign of the canned favor here. This is just really really nice champagne that happens to be in a can. Which is the goal! Well done Archer Roose.

One other thing I'd like to note, I live alone and there are times when I'd love to have some champagne but I really hate to open a whole bottle just for myself. I know it will go flat before I can drink the whole bottle. And I haven't found a brand of those mini champagne bottles that I really like. So I am over the moon to have this Archer Roose Bubbly option. Now I can celebrate with champagne guilt free!

I haven't seen this line in stores near me but you can order it online from Total Wine. Here is the link:

Order the Archer Roose Bubbly online here >>

Archer Roose Rosé:   Archer Roose Rose canned wine reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails styled with a "cheers" Swizzly Stick

Overall score: 4/ 5

4 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all // Five shakers = your teeth may curl
1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
Booziness:  13% ABV
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos 
4 out of 5 cocktail shakers

Okay then! That'll work. Like I said before, I'm not a wine drinker but I will occasionally sip on some rosé and I really like this one. Even I can tell that this is a high quality rosé. It has more flavor than a lot of the ones I've tried in the past that taste like rosé but nothing else. With this Archer Roose version, you get more berry flavor coming through, especially strawberry. I'm a fan!

Add the more developed rosé flavor with the portability and this one is a winner in my book! You can grab this one online from Total Wine as well. Here is the link:

Order the Archer Roose Rosé online here >>

Would I buy these again?

I will be buying the Archer Roose Bubbly again for sure. It is the perfect mini champagne option. I also really liked the rosé so I will keep this line in mind for anytime I'm going to a gathering where I know there are a lot of wine drinkers. It is so nice to have a canned version that you can toss in the cooler with the other drinks or for when you can't take a glass bottle. 

If you'd like to try these, you can order the full Archer Roose lineup from Total Wine and have it delivered to your home. Here is the link:

Order all of the Archer Roose canned wines online here >>

Until next week cocktail lovers. Cheers!


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