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Canned cocktail review: Curatif Negroni

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Canned cocktail negroni from Curatif reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails

I'm back this week with another cocktail from Curatif - also known as the first brand ever to get a 10/5 from me for their Espresso Martini. If you missed that review you can catch up here

This week is all about their Negroni. Negroni's are a cocktail that I'm not as familiar with. I've had a few out at restaurants and I've reviewed one other canned Negroni from Tip Top. It is a gin cocktail which is not a liquor I usually gravitate towards but gin is having a major moment right now in the cocktail world. Gin is the new whiskey so I'm eager to catch up on my gin education.

Even though I'm not a gin cocktail or Negroni expert, I've been super excited all week to try this canned cocktail because I had such good luck last week with Curatif. So let's just jump in and see how it stacks up.

Here is my official review of Curatif Negroni:

5 out of 5

Okay then! That's a damn good cocktail. I was a little afraid that I wouldn't like it because Negroni's are bitter - and this one definitely is too - but it's also smooth and has a nice flavor that I can't quite put my finger on. It is not citrus, it's not sweet, it's just a quality gin flavor. You can really tell that this canned cocktail is made from the good stuff. This is a super top shelf cocktail and you don't even have to get dressed up to enjoy it!



1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

If this was a bitterness scale instead of a sweet scale, it would be a 5/5. Which is right on track for a quality Negroni. None of the ingredients have any sweetness to them and in fact Negroni's are intentionally bitter containing both a bitter and vermouth. What makes Curatif's take on a Negroni a little different is that it does not have the traditional Campari but instead a bitters liquor. Like I said before, I'm no Negroni expert but this one seems special to me.



5 out of 5
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = Four Lokos

Officially this one rings in at 17.3% ABV - which is pretty strong and you know I love that. This is definitely a sipping cocktail but be careful, it such an easy cocktail to keep sipping that before you know it you are drunkedy, drunk, drunk, drunk. Which now that I think about it, is kinda perfect for this time of at-home cocktail hours. This is a perfect cocktail to pour into a nice glass and relax with on your sofa for a chill night at home.

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

If I'm in the mood for a fancy gin cocktail, this Negroni from Curatif will be top of my list. I will also be keeping it in mind for gifting. This is such an elevated cocktail - can or no can - that it would be perfect to add to a care package or gift.

One sad note, same as last week, Curatif cocktails are not available to buy in the US just yet. They are an Australian cocktail company. But fingers crossed they will be available here very soon!!!

Do you know of a canned cocktail I should try? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section. 


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