Recyclable plastic champagne flute with Brittany Spears saying
Sip me baby one more time - funny plastic champagne flute
Sip me baby one more time | Stemless plastic flute glass
"Sip me baby one more time" recyclable plastic flute
Interlocking drinkware from The Pursuit of Cocktails
"Sip me baby one more time" stemless plastic flute

Sip me baby one more time - Plastic champagne flute


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Perfect for sipping champs while dancing your heart out as a Britney Spears tribute. Even better if used while pregaming for her show in Vegas. This shatterproof, stemless plastic champagne flute won't let you down no matter how long you dance.

About the cup:

  • 9 oz. crystal clear, shatterproof, lightweight plastic stemless flute
  • Interlocking, stackable design allows you to carry multiple cocktails at once
  • Unique alternative to glass or acrylic drinkware
  • Reusable or toss without guilt - the cups are 100% recyclable plastic
  • Made of 50% recycled materials. BPA free.
  • Hand washing recommended