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Canned Cocktail Review: Crispy Pig Whiskey Bloody Mary

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Crispy Pig ready-to-drink Bloody Mary reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Hi cocktail lovers! This week I am coming to you with a - are you ready for this? - a *whiskey* Bloody Mary!! I am so excited. It's like two of my favorite things - whiskey and Bloody Marys - merging into a new, super cocktail!

This week's canned cocktail Bloody Mary is from Crispy Pig. Not only am I excited because of the whiskey, the branding is also so well done and I'm a huge sucker for that. It has the cutest pig driving a tractor and the little girl in me that used to drive my granddad's tractor around his farm, is swooning. The farm vibes are strong with this brand and it has a very farm-to-glass feel. I can't wait to taste it!!

And I've been not-so-patiently waiting to try this one for awhile now! Crispy Pig sent these to me a few months ago but I try to review things in the order they come in so I'm just now getting to it - and it is actually perfect timing. I live in Nevada and tomorrow is Nevada Day which is celebrated with the wildest, longest, rowdiest parade I've ever witnessed. It starts at 10am and usually wraps up around 3pm. Everyone is day drinking and having a good time. It is like a massive tailgate so I'm excited to have these Bloody Mary's for the big day.

But of course I'm going to try them a day early to make sure I like them before I share them with my parade crew. 

Bloody Mary can drink marker Swizzly Stick on a canned cocktail

I decided to garnish my Crispy Pig canned Bloody Mary with a few olives using a Blood Mary Swizzly Stick for cans from my shop. (You can pick up a set here.) Now let's sip! 

Here is my official review of the Crispy Pig Whiskey Bloody Mary:

5 out of 5 cocktail shakers

Oh daaaang! That is a darn good Bloody Mary. And totally different than any other pre-made Bloody Mary I've ever had. You can taste the freshness of the tomatoes. This really is a farm-to-glass cocktail!
I love that I can really taste the super flavorful tomatoes but there is so much more to this Bloody Mary as well. You can tell that it is a whiskey drink instead of the traditional vodka. It is a little sweeter than usual. Followed by a lot of yummy savory flavors. This ready-to-drink Bloody Mary has layers! She's not just a pretty can.
I'm soooo excited I saved these for the big Nevada Day parade. Knowing that I have a few of these Crispy Pig Bloody Mary's waiting for me will make it so much easier to get up early.
10/10 - This might be my favorite Bloody Mary of all time. I will share these with my friends tomorrow but only because I know I can order more Crispy Pigs online!



2 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

This pre-made Bloody Mary is a touch sweeter than your typical Bloody Mary. My first thought was that the sweetness is probably from the whiskey but then I decided there must be another sweet flavor in there. A quick peek at the can and I was right - it has maple syrup! And it is a game changer! The maple syrup really does add a depth to the sweetness without tasting like pancakes if you know what I mean. 

As I was looking at the ingredient list - which I love that it is included on the cans, I wish they all did that - I was really impressed with what is in this ready-to-drink Bloody Mary. Not only is whiskey and tomato paste right at the top of the list, I could identify everything on the list which is not always the case. I love that Crispy Pig uses all natural ingredients and not a bunch of junk and chemicals!


3 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos

Officially this ready-to-drink Bloody Mary rings in at 10% ABV so it's got a kick - not that I necessarily tasted any booze so watch out! I'd say this is a good brunch, picnic, tailgating cocktail for when you want to do a little day drinking and want something boozier than a seltzer. 

The booziness on this one is perfect for me. I really can't say enough good things about this canned cocktail from Crispy Pig.

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

YES! This is for sure my new Bloody Mary of choice. And not only because it doesn't require me to have multiple ingredients on hand - the Crispy Pig flavor is so unique and so good! I love that it is a whiskey drink and that fresh tomato + slightly sweet flavor is just everything for me.

If you like to have even one Bloody Mary a year you owe it to yourself to try Crispy Pig!!

Order the Crispy Pig ready-to-drink Bloody Marys here >>

Until next week cocktail lovers, Cheers! 

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This post included Swizzly Sticks from the  Blood Mary Collection.


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