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Canned cocktail review: Maha Organic Hard Seltzers

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Ready to drink cocktail review of Maha Organic Hard Seltzer by The Pursuit of Cocktails

A full flavor hard seltzer? I'm skeptical  

If you've been following my ready-to-drink cocktail reviews then you probably know that I am not a seltzer fan - hard or otherwise - but I like to keep things fair around here and try *all* the cocktails. Especially because I know a lot of you do like hard seltzers. So when I got an opportunity to try this brand new line that is barely available in stores yet, I jumped at the chance.

Maha is a little different because it is certified organic which is a unique twist on the "hard seltzers are healthier" party line. Either way I was intrigued. I also noticed that the cans touted them to be "full of flavor" which is promising and interesting to me because that is always my let down about hard seltzers - where is the flavor?  Here's hoping Maha really is different. Let's find out!

Maha Organic Hard Seltzers:

Overall score:

4 out of 5
One shaker = not sweet at all // Five shakers = your teeth may curl
2 out of 5
Booziness: 4.2% ABV
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = Four Lokos 4 out of 5 cocktail shakers 
2 out of 5

Color me surprised! I do like these way more than I expected. Probably because they don't taste like a typical hard seltzer. These really do have more flavor while also having the low ABV and low cal you'd expect from a hard seltzer. 

To me, Maha's taste more like a fruity beer. As in the beer brewing styles that don't have a lot of hop flavor - and that totally works for me. I love a good craft beer as long as it isn't a hoppy IPA and the Maha's are kind of like the middle ground between a light beer and a light cocktail. 

Here is my take on each flavor individually:

Raspberry: This one was my favorite which also surprised me. Berry flavors are hard to pull off in this format but this one works. This one is also probably the closest to a full flavor seltzer as a girl could hope for. It is a little less beer-like as well.

Black cherry: The black cherry flavor does come through on this one but it isn't as flavorful as the raspberry. It's a little lighter but still miles better than those flavorless White Claws. *face palm*

Tangerine: This one is a close second for me because it reminds me a lot of my favorite summer beer Stieger Radler. I really love the citrus flavor of this one. It could actually work as a skinny margarita replacement in a pinch.

Overall, the Maha Organic Hard Seltzers won me over. They are certainly worth a try if you are team hard seltzers. I fully expect to see these all over the beaches this summer. One thing worth mentioning, as far as I can tell these are not gluten-free like a lot of seltzers are so if that is important to you, check into it a little closer before you try them.

Would I buy these again?

I probably would not buy these again but only because I prefer a canned cocktail made with liquor. However I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maha to a friend who likes a lighter cocktail or loves a good seltzer.

These are pretty new so you might have a little trouble finding them at first. Usually I share a link to the brand's site with a list of where they can be purchased but the Maha site doesn't have one just yet. Here is a link to their site though just in case that changes.

Have you tried any of Maha organic hard seltzers ? What did you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section. The more opinions the better! Let's "drink together" and share our cocktail stories. 


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  • 1 of the liquor stores had this drink call Maha . Well we drink that last night was a Saturday. This morning we all woke up late because of this drink Made us some sick for
    My mom she drink and she woke up this morning like she want to throw up or vomiting or nauzea and
    For my step dad he didn’t care for the taste and this drink make him
    Little cough
    Daughter I drink this drink
    All lAst night I had to go to restroom and make number 1 this morning I still have a hang over from that drink and I have a pound headache etc

    Lehua Rupisan on

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