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Canned Cocktail Review: Dryfly Distillery (Part 1)

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

 Dry Fly canned cocktails reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Happy 2022, cocktail lovers! This is my very first review of the new year and I'm so excited because I'm trying a full line of canned cocktails over the next few weeks. I have six cocktails in all from Dry Fly Distillery to try included four ready-to-drink vodka cocktails and two gin cocktails. 

This brand is totally new to me since I haven't seen it in my area. Right off the bat I love the colors of the branding which you know I'm a sucker for. I also really like that Dry Fly has a mix of classic cocktails, including a Gin & Tonic and a Bloody Mary, with two unique lemonade cocktails, a Huckleberry Lemonade and a Spicy Lemonade.

I'm starting with their Moscow Mule and the Spicy Lemonade this week so let's get into it.

Here is my official review of the Dry Fly canned cocktails:

Dry Fly Spicy Lemonade:

5 out of 5 cocktail shakers

Wowza! Talk about a kick of heat. I love it!! This Dry Fly Spicy Lemonade is the spicy cocktail of my dreams. It is straight jalapeño heat and flavor with a dash of lemon. I thought it would be a little bit sweet from the lemonade but it actually isn't sweet at all. It is heat - with a hint of lemon, and I love it.
For reference, I like spicy cocktails, I always chose jalapeño chips, I love a spicy Mexican coffee or chocolate bar, but I can be a bit of a wimp with spicy foods. I like the heat of spicy flavored things more than I like the heat of spicy foods. I know. I'm weird. But I'm guessing I'm probably not the only one like that.
All of this is to say, if you like things flavored with heat / that-good-burn, this Spicy Lemonade needs to be in your life ASAP. I am usually very generous with my friends and I share my cocktail wealth with them but I'll be keeping the other three cans I have of this to myself. Sorry not sorry! 😜


Dry Fly Moscow Mule:

4 out of 5 cocktail shakers

If you've been following my reviews for a while then you know I've tried a lot of Moscow Mules. I love mules so I'm always pumped to try a new one so of course I'm excited about this one from Dry Fly.  

This mule is different than others I've tried. It is all mule for sure with all the classic ginger beer flavor. It is super smooth and crisp. It is good. But I did find myself wanting the ginger beer flavor to be a little stronger or have a little more bite. After the fire of the Spicy Lemonade I found myself comparing the two. 

The Dry Fly Moscow Mule is much milder with a much less in-your-face ginger bite. If you like mules but hate that strong kick of ginger then definitely try this one from Dry Fly. It is a much calmer version that is still full of that Moscow Mule flavor.


1 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

Neither of these Dry Fly ready-to-drink vodka cocktails are sweet which is a touch surprising. Sometimes Moscow Mules can have a little bit of sweetness but the Dry Fly cocktail did not. And more surprising, the Spicy Lemonade didn't have any sweetness. It was lemon-y but not at all sweet in a traditional lemonade sense. 

If you prefer a less sweet cocktail then the Dry Fly Moscow Mule and Spicy Lemonade are great options to try. I'm interested to see if the rest of the canned cocktails in their line will follow this same non-sweet pattern or if there will be a few that are sweeter. Stay tuned!


3 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos

The Spicy Lemonade officially this one rings in at 5.4% ABV. The Moscow Mule is a little bit stronger at 6.9% ABV. Both of these vodka canned cocktails have a decent amount of booziness to them but they are not overpowering. They are both really smooth and the vodka is practically undetectable which makes for a really great cocktail. Just keep in mind these are boozy!  

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

I am so so happy I have three more cans of the Spicy Lemonade left in my stash! Thank you Dry Fly!! I will for sure being ordering more of Spicy Lemonade once I run out. 

If you'd like to try these Dry Fly canned cocktails, you can order them online as well. Here are the links:

Order the Dry Fly Spicy Lemonade canned cocktail here >>

Order the Dry Fly ready-to-drink Moscow Mule here >>

And make sure to come back next week when I try two more of the Dry Fly cocktails. I have two more vodka cocktails to try - their Bloody Mary and a Huckleberry Lemonade. And two gin cocktails - a Greyhound which I'm really excited to try and a Gin & Tonic. 

Until next week cocktail lovers, Cheers! 

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Note: We hope you enjoy our reviews. If you do decide to purchase these cocktails online using the links provided we may collect a small share of the sale.

This article was sponsored by Dry Fly who also provided the cocktails. All opinions are my own.
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