Colorful bendy paper straws from The Pursuit of Cocktails. Eco friendly, biodegradable, compostable, food safe paper straws with a flexible neck.
Mixed colors set of bendy paper straws from The Pursuit of Cocktails
Colorful paper straws with flexible necks from The Pursuit of Cocktails

Mulit-Color Set of Bendy Paper Straws


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They're bendy!! Grab a mulit-color set of our fabulous bendy paper straws for your bar cart or party. Each set contains a mix of all of our flexible neck paper straw colors.

These are *not* your average paper straw! Our straws are super high quality, imported from Europe, and are pretty much the opposite of the usual cheap paper straws. These flexible paper straws won't get soggy or fall apart. The bendy neck will not break - they are tested for 50+ bends. And they won't steal your drinks fizz the way other paper straws can. These straws are made of a special paper that is designed specifically to keep your bubbly drinks bubbly.  Which means you can keep sipping without worry of being disappointed by a cute but not functional paper straw again. Cheers to being upgraded babe! You deserve it!

About the straws:

  • Set of 24 straws
  • 100% biodegradable + compostable
  • FDA approved food safe
  • Standard size straw with flexible neck

Made in Europe // Please recycle or compost these straws // Available in other colors here.

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