Which Swizzly Stick™ do you want to shop?

Meet the Swizzly Stick
1 Part drink marker + 1 Part cocktail stick

Our patented design is a game changer for garnishing your favorite beverages.

Our “first-of-it's-kind drink marker + cocktail stick” made just for CANNED DRINKS finally gives you a way to garnish your favorite cans. While our “the-notches-make-it-awesome” version made for COCKTAIL GLASSES gives you more options than a standard swizzle stick. Pro tip: used the angled notch to hang your Swizzly Stick from the rim of your garnish for a brand new way to place your garnish.

Either way you go, your cocktails have never looked better. So which will it be - do you want to shop can or cocktail glass Swizzly Sticks?