Funny drink markers for canned drinks  - Day Drinker collection of Swizzly Sticks from The Pursuit of Cocktails.
Drink marker made to fit on cans - Swizzly drink marker + cocktail stick
Day drinker can drink marker Swizzly made to fit on canned drinks
How to use a Swizzly for cans - patent pending notch system that secures drink marker to the rim of most cans using the rim and tab
"Pickled" Swizzly drink marker for canned drinks - a patented swizzle stick + cocktail stick designed just for canned drinks
Drink marker for canned drinks - Swizzly in "Pickled"

The Day Drinker Collection - Swizzly Sticks™ for cans


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Buzzed? Hammered? Toasted? Or our favorite, pickled? Do you have a favorite word to describe yourself when you’re thoroughly enjoying an adult beverage? 

Our Day Drinker Collection is a fun way to add an adjective, a garnish, and a drink marker to your favorite canned beverage - adult or otherwise. Each set comes with six different words: 

  • Pickled
  • Toasted
  • Buzzed
  • Sauced
  • Hammered
  • Sloshed

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How add a Swizzly Stick to your can:

Step 1. Pop the top of your favorite canned beverage.
Step 2. Slide your Swizzly through the tab with the wider side facing up.
Step 3. Line up notches & rotate your Swizzly towards you to bring it upright. 
Step 4. Gently twist your Swizzly towards you to lock it into place & add a garnish.

About Swizzly Sticks™ for cans:

The Swizzly Stick for cans easily slides in under the tab of any standard can and then locks into place using carefully placed notches, letting you finally add garnish to your canned drinks.

And even better, the whole thing will stay in place while you sip, dance, talk with your hands, maybe even while doing a cartwheel if that's your thing.

It is one part drink marker and one part cocktail pick so you can add a little flair, add your favorite garnish, AND distinguish your can from everyone else’s all in one little but mighty stick.

The Swizzly Stick fits on regular cans AND those taller skinny cans - I'm looking at you, White Claw. Actually, 85% of drinking cans in the US have a standard pull tab size, so if your drink is 12-16 oz, the Swizzly Stick will fit.