Classy AF recyclable plastic cocktail glass
Classy AF stemless cocktail glasses from The Pursuit of Cocktails
"Classy as fuck" disposable plastic wine glasses recyclable
Interlocking stemless plastic glasses from The Pursuit of Cocktails
"Classy as fuck" recyclable plastic stemless wine glass
Classy as fuck stemless plastic wine glass

Classy as f*ck - Plastic cocktail glass


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The OG Classy AF design you've always loved from us - now in a new shape. This stemless wine glass style holds 18 oz of your favorite cocktail or wine. And it is shatterproof so no matter how much sipping you do, your drunk self can't destroy your favorite cocktail glass.

About the cup:

  • 18 oz. crystal clear, shatterproof, lightweight plastic wine glass
  • Interlocking, stackable design allows you to carry multiple cocktails at once
  • Unique alternative to glass or acrylic drinkware
  • Reusable or toss without guilt - the cups are 100% recyclable plastic
  • Made of 50% recycled materials. BPA free.
  • Hand washing recommended