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I have mixed drinks about feelings
I have mixed drinks about feelings
I have mixed drinks about feelings mason jar style tumbler

I have mixed drinks about feelings

Feelings are hard! When life hands you lemons make some lemonade. Then go ahead and add champs because yum.

Here's a tasty recipe to get you started:

1 bottle champagne/sparkling white wine
3/4 cup vodka
4-5 fresh lemons
1/2 cup honey

Zest all but one lemon into pitcher/punchbowl, then squeeze their juice into pitcher. Add vodka and honey and stir until blended. Add champagne and top with ice and lemon slices

Customize it!

This tumbler is waiting for you to make it your own!

Put your personal spin on the design to make it the perfect gift or epic party favor. Our tumblers are fully customizable - choose your text color and what goes on the back. You can personalize the back with a name or go crazy and add a custom message, i.e. Jaime’s Birthday Bash Vegas 2018.

    About the tumbler:

    • 24 oz. plastic mason jar with lid and straw
    • Reusable. BPA free.
    • Handmade to order, learn more about our process here
    • Hand washing is recommended.
    • Made to order and ready to ship in 3-5 days.

    Want a bunch of these?

    If you'd like to order 20+ tumblers let us know and we'll hook you up with an awesome discount! Shoot us a message at hello@thepursuitofcocktails for special pricing. 

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