Drinks well with others | Mint green plastic straw
"Drinks well with others" mint plastic straw
"Drinks well with others" mint partyware
"Drinks well with others" mint plastic straw
Package of 8 "drinks well with others" mint cocktail straws


Drinks Well with Others - Mint cocktail straws


Our latest batch of these straws have a bit of a color variation from straw to straw. Some are more minty than others so we are selling them at a discount. They are still gorgeous - just not up to our normal standard.

Let everyone know you're a ton of fun while you casually sip your favorite beverage.

Grab a pack (or several packs) and outfit all of your girl friends with these adorable, mint plastic straws. They will spice up any cocktail - and they may even help you make friends with that cute guy at the pool. Cheers!

About the straws:

  • Mint plastic drinking straws
  • Durable¬†screen¬†printed design
  • 7.75 inches in length
  • BPA free. FDA food grade
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand washing is recommended

Please reuse these straws over and over! We encourage you to wash and reuse your straws multiple times. The printed design is durable enough to stand up to several hand washings. We even pop our's in the dishwasher after every party. We suggest using the "zip-lock bag rule" - reuse it until it's worn out or too sticky to use again.

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