Set of 6 Christmas stocking holiday cocktail pick drink markers
Santa's naughty list themed Christmas cocktail picks set - I regret nothing
Holiday Swizzly cocktail pick with marshmallow garnish for holiday drinks
Holiday cocktail party drink markers in Christmas stocking shape with sayings - Naughty, I regret nothing, I regret everything
Christmas stocking shaped swizzle sticks for holiday cocktail parties with sayings including nice, nice-ish, and I tried
Holiday party swizzle stick set in Christmas stocking shape with sayings including nice, nice-ish, I tried, naughty, I regret everything, I regret nothing
Santa's List themed cocktail pick Swizzly with mini donut garnish on a mug of coffee
Christmas drink marker "nice" with chocolate truffle garnish

Stockings Collection - Swizzly Sticks™ for drinkware


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Just in time for your holiday parties, this set of Christmas stocking themed Swizzlys™ will be the perfect conversation starter. Each drink marker/cocktail stick set comes with a unique designation on Santa's list including:

  • Nice
  • Naughty
  • Nice-ish
  • I tried
  • I regret everything
  • I regret nothing

This Swizzly Stick set is the perfect addition to your holiday bar cart or as a hostess gift. 

➤➤ This design is also available in our can version here.

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How to use a Swizzly Stick for drinkware:

The Swizzly Stick made for glasses have two different notches to give you options for how you garnish and mark your drinks.

Use the vertical notch to place your Swizzly Stick across the rim of your glass. Or use the angled notch to hang it from the rim on the inside or even the outside of your glass. The notches help you control where your garnish is and whether or not it comes in contact with your drink.

Made in the USA in our Northern Nevada studio.