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Aloha beaches reusable plastic party cup
Our hard plastic cup versus disposable solo cup

Aloha beaches

Because adults are the ones who really need Spring Break right?!?!? You can fill up this reusable party cup over and over until you are in true Spring Break mode. You can even personalize a cup for each friend on your next girls trip. It's a fun way to kick off the festivities - plus everyone knows which cup is theirs. No more "who-has-my-cup" drama!

Must-try beach-y cocktail recipe:

1 oz blue curacao
1 oz white rum
1/2 to 1 oz sweetened coconut cream (to taste)
3 oz pineapple juice

Pour liquor together over ice. Stir in coconut cream to desired sweetness. Garnish with cherries and/or fresh pineapple wedges. This drink is that perfect shade of summer turquoise and looks so so pretty in our mason jar tumbler!

BEACH HACK: Make frozen pineapple juice cubes to help your drink stay cold without getting too watered down.

Customize it!

Our sassy pants party cups are the perfect icebreaker. Think of us as your invisible wingman. 

Put your own personal spin on the design to make it the perfect gift or epic party favor. Our reusable party cups are fully customizable - choose your text color and what goes on the back. You can personalize the back with a name or go nuts and add a custom message, i.e. Ventura Beach House 2017.

About the cup:

  • 16 oz. thick, hard plastic cup - these things are tough!
  • Reusable. Double wall insulated. BPA free.
  • Handmade to order - learn more about our process here.
  • Hand washing recommended.
  • The best part - all orders ship within 3-5 business days!

If you prefer to protect your cocktails from spills, we have this design as a tumbler with lid too. Just in case.

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