Custom Swizzlys

Let's collaborate
on a Swizzly™ for you!

We *live* to make custom designs! Our design team is ready to hear what you have in mind and to whip up a design just for you. Want a Swizzly with your logo? Done. Want a Swizzly custom-made for your next event? Perfect. 

Custom Swizzlys are social media gold + brand swag that will actually grab people's attention. You already know that Swizzlys are a fun new way to up your garnish game but they are also the perfect extra detail that people can't help but snap a photo of and share with their followers. And don't be surprised if people take them home as a souvenir to use again. We have a few super fans of our own that are collecting every design we create.

As a small batch manufacturer, we have the flexibility to create custom Swizzlys in-house with a short turnaround. And the best part is, the Swizzlys are 100% made in the USA in our Northern Nevada studio so you can feel good about supporting a small business, American, woman-owned business.

Our minimum order for custom designs is 100 pieces with volume discounts available.

If you are interested in having custom Swizzlys made, please use the form below to reach out to us.