About The Pursuit of Cocktails

In 2016, Jaime was working a “dream job” at Nike in Portland, Oregon and running a small business side hustle on Etsy putting custom sayings on compact mirrors using vinyl and a Silhouette cutter, which at the time was still a new tool before it hit the masses and became a staple for every crafter.  After a series of poor quality blanks came in from her supplier in China, she realized she needed to make a change in her business if she wanted to keep going. She had added custom party cups and tumblers a few years earlier and decided to double down on those and to stop selling the compact mirrors all together. 

It was during this time that Jaime was also thinking of rebranding her business and refocusing her designs around a personal passion. Even though Jaime has never been a big drinker she has always loved fancy cocktails. To her cocktails are special, they are less every day than beer or wine, and in a way, a little out of reach. She had always preferred to order a simple drink like a rum and coke when she was out at a bar because she was too embarrassed to order the fancier, multi-ingredient cocktails she really wanted. So for her, a cocktail was a sign of strength, of celebrating your true desires, and of speaking that desire out loud. Plus so much of what she was seeing on the market for barware at the time was focused on just beer lovers or just wine drinkers. What about the cocktail lovers?? 

In 2017 she rebranded her business from Blue Penguin Shop to The Pursuit of Cocktails, learned to build an ecommerce site of her own, and developed a new line of cups and tumblers that focused on puns and cocktails. Later that year, she moved to northern Nevada and continued to expand her line to wholesale and began having her designs manufactured by a third party for the first time. 

In 2018, Jaime started a blog and became an early adopter of the canned cocktail and ready-to-drink cocktail movement which would eventually lead her to patent pending Swizzly™.

The Swizzly is a brand new drink marker + cocktail stick combo that uses carefully designed notches to secure your garnish on drinking glasses, and for the first time ever - on canned beverages. 

The Swizzly for cans is disrupting how canned drinks are served. Carefully placed notches to secure the Swizzly to the rim and tab of most styles of cans. Once in place, it serves as a drink marker allowing everyone to keep track of their drink - which is so important during this time of heightened germ awareness. The Swizzly for cans is the first ever way to add garnish to a canned drink that will stay in place as you enjoy the beverage. No more lime wedges perched awkwardly in the can’s opening or hanging from the rim for just a few seconds until the drink is served. The Swizzly elevates the canned drink experience by adding an Instagram worthy pop of style while also allowing you to fully garnish the drink the way it would be done at a fancy hipster bar - even if it is simple La Croix seltzer or Diet Coke.

The drinkware Swizzly has an entirely different advantage but uses the same patent pending notches and drink marker design. One notch allows you to rest your garnish across the rim of your glass similar to a standard cocktail stick or skewer. The second notch is where it gets fun. You can use the angled notch to hang the Swizzly with your garnish from the rim of your glass. Try doing that with standard swizzle sticks or cocktail picks. 

The hanging option also lets you decide on the exact placement of your garnish. You can hang it on the outside of the glass to keep the garnish fully separate from the drink itself which is helpful when you are using a garnish that needs to stay out of the liquid until it is ready to be consumed such as cotton candy or a garnish that is more of a snack like a mini grilled cheese paired with a Bloody Mary. In both cases, if the garnish comes in contact with the liquid too early it will dissolve or get mushy.

On the other hand, you can hang the Swizzly and garnish from the rim inside the glass where it holds your garnish just above or in liquid depending on your preference. This is perfect for garnish that you do want to infuse with the liquid such as bourbon cherries in an Old Fashioned.

The Swizzly for drinkware gives the bartender (professional and home bartenders alike) a new way to get creative with their garnishes by offering up a variety of placement options. 

Both Swizzly styles were created with cocktails in mind BUT they are perfect for any drink you’d like to add a little style to. Your sparkling waters will never be the same. Grab a Swizzly and give your go-to drink an upgrade.