Cocktail umbrella drink markers for canned drinks Swizzly Sticks from The Pursuit of Cocktails
Drink umbrella made for canned drinks that doubles as a drink marker and cocktail stick specifically for canned beverages
Drink marker + cocktail stick made specifically for canned drinks with unique beach umbrella design
How to use a Swizzly for cans, a patent pending drink marker and cocktail stick that fits on canned beverages and allows you to garnish canned drinks
Pink drink umbrella Swizzly for canned drinks

Beach Umbrella Collection - Swizzly Stick™ for cans


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Would you like an umbrella with your drink? How about a cute beach umbrella that is also a drink marker? Then this Swizzly Stick is for you!

This design was born out of an obsession with adding a drink umbrella to a can - in a way that doesn’t poke your eye out.

Drink umbrellas make every drink seem tropical and fancy but there has never been a good way to add a drink umbrella to a canned beverage. Those toothpick style umbrellas will poke you in the eye if you try to take a drink with it in place. Or it falls off the can. Or you end up taking it off and just abandoning the whole thing out of frustration. It’s a fun idea but it’s just not practical for cans. 

Until now! Our drink umbrella Swizzly Stick finally fixes that problem so you can feel just as fancy with your can as you would with a tiki mug on a beach in paradise.

About the Swizzly Stick:

The Swizzly Stick for cans easily slides in under the tab of any standard can and then locks into place using carefully placed notches, letting you finally add garnish to your canned drinks. And even better, the whole thing will stay in place while you sip, dance, talk with your hands, maybe even while doing a cartwheel if that's your thing.

It is one part drink marker and one part cocktail pick so you can add a little flair, add your favorite garnish, AND distinguish your can from everyone else’s all in one little but mighty stick.

The Swizzly Stick fits on regular cans AND those taller skinny cans - I'm looking at you, White Claw. Actually, 85% of drinking cans in the US have a standard pull tab size, so if your drink is 12-16 oz, the Swizzly Stick will fit.

Each set comes with 6 unique Swizzly Stickss served up for you in a reusable + recyclable plastic champagne flute.

How to use a Swizzly Stick:

Step 1. Pop the top of your favorite canned beverage.
Step 2. Slide your Swizzly Stick through the tab with the wider side facing up.
Step 3. Line up notches & rotate your Swizzly Stick towards you to bring it upright. 
Step 4. Gently twist your Swizzly Stick towards you to lock it into place & add a garnish.

Made in the USA in our Northern Nevada studio.