Bloody Mary cocktail with Swizzly Stick cocktail garnish holding an olive.
Bloody Mary cocktail pick set - bacon and celery Swizzly Sticks.
Bloody Mary swizzle stick - celery Swizzly Stick with olive garnish.
Bloody Mary cocktail pick set. Swizzly Sticks in bacon, celery, olives, pickles, lemon wedge and hot sauce designs.
Olive Swizzly Stick Bloody Mary cocktail pick with olive garnish on an iced bloody mary cocktail.
Swizzly Stick close-up of lemon wedge design cocktail stick from the Bloody Mary Swizzly Stick set.
Swizzly Sticks Bloody Mary cocktail set.
Bloody Mary cocktail pick set of Swizzly Sticks. Pickle Swizzly Stick used on a Bloody Mary cocktail with an olive garnish.
Bloody Mary themed swizzle stick set
Bloody Mary Collection - Swizzly Sticks™ for drinkware

Bloody Mary Collection - Swizzly Sticks™ for drinkware

Where are my brunch babes at? This extra special Bloody Mary Swizzly Stick™ collection is the perfect way to top off your AM cocktail. This set includes the following Bloody Mary inspired shapes:

  • Bacon
  • Celery
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Lemon wedge
  • and of course, hot sauce!!

This Swizzly Stick set is the perfect addition to your bar cart or as a hostess gift. 

How to use a Swizzly Stick for drinkware:

The Swizzly Sticks made for glasses have two different notches to give you options for how you garnish and mark your drinks. (We have a version made just for cans too!)

Use the vertical notch to place your Swizzly Stick across the rim of your glass in a traditional garnish placement. Or you can use the angled notch to hang it from the rim of your glass - either on the inside where your garnish will be immersed in your drink or hang it from the rim with the garnish on the outside, keeping your garnish dry and out of your drink.

Hanging the Swizzly Stick on the outside of your glass is perfect for garnishes you don't want to get wet until you are ready to indulge - think cotton candy in champagne.

Why? Because options are good, and way more fun!! 

Note: Orders of 100+ Swizzly Sticks will ship in 1-2 weeks. Made in the USA in our Northern Nevada studio. 

Contact us for orders of 1000+ pieces -

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