Sip Sip Hooray cocktail straws
"Sip Sip Hooray" turquoise straws | Unique wedding favor
Package of 8 "sip sip hooray" turquoise straws

Sip Sip Hooray cocktail straws

Let's celebrate! Even if all we are celebrating is that you made it through a tough Tuesday and you have leftover champagne in the fridge. It's the little things y'all!

Pro Tip: Grab a set of these straws to have on hand. You never know when a birthday or bridal shower will pop up. 

About the straws:

  • Turquoise plastic drinking straws with white lettering.
  • Durable screen printed design.
  • 7.75 inches in length.
  • BPA free. FDA food grade.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hand washing is recommended.

Please reuse these straws over and over! We encourage you to wash and reuse your straws multiple times. The printed design is durable enough to stand up to several hand washings. We even pop our's in the dishwasher after every party. We suggest using the "zip-lock bag rule" - reuse it until it's worn out or too sticky to use again.