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Trader Joe's Boozy Chocolate Truffles review

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Trader Joe's Review of the Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Hi cocktail lovers! I am on a Trader Joe's kick lately (see my previous post reviewing the TJ's Cold Brew Liqueur, and my pending blog posts about their Cocoa Liqueur, a cocktail recipe using the Trader Joe's apple cider, and another review of their cocktail hour advent calendar - be sure to come back for each of those) and I want to share all the cocktail related goodies I've been seeing pop up this holiday season including this box of Boozy Little Chocolate truffles.

The box claims there is "a little bit of booze in each bite" so you *know* I had to try them! There are four different flavors, each with a different booze - London gin, Scotch whisky, Navy rum, and prosecco.

I love the idea of using these as garnish for your winter cocktails. The Scotch whisky truffle would pair perfectly with and Old Fashioned or Manhattan and would be a fun sweet treat. The prosecco truffle would be great with a glass of bubbly. And a mix of any of them would be perfect for boozy hot chocolate or Irish coffees. 

To add these to a Swizzly, I used a paring knife to cut a small slit in the harder outer shell of the chocolate, just enough bit enough for the end of the Swizzly. Then I gently slid the truffle onto the Swizzly leaving it on the tip of the stick. This worked great for balancing on the rim of my glass and also for dunking. I highly recommend dunking! 😉

How to use a Swizzly for a chocolate covered truffle cocktail garnish


My official review of the Trader Joe's Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles:

I'm going to try each one and let you know if I can really taste the booze. For the record, the booziest truffle in this box has at max a 5% ABV so these aren't going to get you drunk by any means but maybe they'll be a good garnish for a full strength cocktail or just as a sweet treat. Let's dig in!

London Gin chocolate truffle:

Yes, there is definitely gin in this chocolate. 😳 Gin is not my all-time favorite liquor but I do like it in some cocktails. I'll take a gin fizz all day long but as a singular flavor, it's not my jam.

This truffle has the gin flavor front and center. The flavor is a little pine-y and it has a kick that is undoubtably boozy.   

Scotch whisky chocolate truffle:

I LOVE whisky so I have high hopes for this one - and it does not disappoint. The whisky flavor pairs really nicely with the dark chocolate outer layer. Two thumbs up!

Navy rum chocolate truffle:

I wasn't sure what distinguished "navy rum" from regular rum so I looked it up. Navy rum is stronger and has a bitter edge. I'm guessing this is the truffle with the highest booze. 

This truffle has a milk chocolate outer layer which pairs perfectly with the rum interior. The flavor is really smooth and creamy. I can definitely taste the dark rum flavor but it's not over powering. I'm a fan of this one as well.

Prosecco chocolate truffle:

The prosecco truffle is the only one with a white chocolate shell so it is easy to pick out in the box and the one I was most excited to try. If whisky is my favorite, prosecco and champagne are a very close second.

This is definitely the sweetest of the truffles and it has the least boozy flavor. I think this one has the most chocolate flavor overall, with a hint of prosecco. 

Cheers Swizzly with chocolate truffle cocktail garnish

For me, the prosecco truffle is the winner with the Navy rum and Scotch whisky a close tie for second. The London gin truffle is good too, it's just too pine-y for me.  

If you decide to pick up a box of Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles at your Trader Joe's, let me know which flavor is your favorite.



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