My 5 favorite canned cocktails of 2020 (so far!)

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My 5 favorite canned cocktails of 2020 so far

We are roughly half way through this crazy year so I decided it was a good time to pause and recount my favorite cocktails from the first half of the year. These are the cocktails I can't stop thinking about. I would happily drink any one of these again over and over. Aaaaand one more canned cocktail that isn't pictured above because I already drank/shared all of the one's I had and accidentally recycled all the cans already. *face palm*

First up, the small but mighty Tip Top! 

Tip Top Proper Cocktails Old Fashioned canned cocktail

Tip Top Proper Cocktail's Old Fashioned  

All of the Tip Top cocktails were ridiculously amazing but this is the one I want more of immediately. This Old Fashioned was such a perfect, classic cocktail. And super strong! In this new world of not being able to get a proper cocktail to enjoy at a bar with friends, we could all use one (or more!) of these Tip Top Old Fashioned's immediately.

You can read my review of Tip Top's Old Fashioned here, the Tip Top Manhattan here, and the Tip Top Negroni here.

Tip Top canned cocktails are currently only in Georgia which is great for them but a bummer for the rest of us. Fingers crossed Tip Top is able to expand to include the rest of the US very soon.

Cocktail Squad Bourbon Smash canned cocktail
Cocktail Squad Bourbon Smash

This canned cocktail from Cocktail Squad blew my mind. I am literally still thinking about it. I have one can left and I am hoarding it for a special occasion because I don't want to waste it. Cocktail Squad has several other a-mazing cocktails but this Bourbon Smash is my very favorite. I live for a good whiskey cocktail (a recurring theme in this post LOL) and this one has such a great flavor. The berries just make the whole thing perfection. One thing worth noting, each can is *technically* two cocktails. I didn't realize that at first but it doesn't matter. I'm not sharing this cocktail!

Read my full review of Cocktail Squad's Bourbon Smash here and check out my review of their Greyhound and Whiskey Sour here.

Use this link to find them in your area and a full list of sites where you can order them online.

Candid Cocktails Whiskey canned cocktail

Candid Cocktails Bourbon Whiskey with Honey, Ginger, Lemon and Apple Juice

Candid Cocktails is one of my favorite brands that I discovered this year. They have the most amazing and unique cocktail flavor combos which makes me want to try every single cocktail in their line up. I chose this one to include because I was clearly in the mood for whiskey when I was drafting this post but I also absolutely adore their Vodka with Black Tea, Lemonade and Thyme. These cocktail are so creative, they each have a personality of their own but also have the same botanical quality to each of them. These are a must try. If you ever see Candid Cocktails while you are out shopping, just buy them. You won't regret it.

You can read my review of this canned cocktail from Candid Cocktails here. And check out my review of a few of their other ready-to-drink cocktails here.

Use this link to find Candid Cocktails in your area.

 Two Chicks Vodka Fizz canned cocktail

Two Chicks Vodka Fizz

I was already ready to love this canned cocktail by the packaging alone - how cute is that can! And then I popped open this Vodka Fizz and my mind was blown. This might be my very favorite sparkling cocktail of all time. The pear flavor is so unique and the whole cocktail is light without being flavorless. Wow! Just wow! Again, if you see these, buy them. I'm pretty sure I've spotted them at World Market in the past and I would make a special trip there just to buy more of these for sure.

You can read my full review of this Two Chicks canned cocktail here along with my take on their Paloma. And read my review of their pre-made margarita here.

To find Two Chicks near you, use this link.

The Long Drink Cranberry canned cocktail

The Long Drink Cranberry

Oh The Long Drink! The official drink of Finland - and the canned cocktail I push everyone I meet to try. The Long Drink just has this unique flavor plus bubbles combo that I absolutely love. And this new Cranberry version is just so good. I didn't think I could love The Long Drink more and then I had this one. Yum!!! You can't go wrong with any of The Long Drinks but this one does have a cranberry soda thing going for it that is just so fun. I've seen these popping up at World Market it as well so keep your eyes out for it.

You can read my full review of The Long Drink canned cocktails here and here.

To find The Long Drink canned cocktails in your area, use this link.

The "sorry I already drank it all" - can't be rephotographed because I loved it so much...  

Curatif Espresso Martini canned cocktail

Curatif Espresso Martini

Okay so this little can holds one of the very best coffee cocktails I've ever had - including one's I've ordered from swanky, hipster bars. This Australian line of canned cocktails is serious - seriously good, seriously well crafted, seriously not available in the US yet! Which sucks! I want every one of you to have the chance to try one of their canned cocktails.

You can read my full review of Curatif's Espresso Martini here and their Negroni here.

This Espresso Martini is my current favorite but I have four more cocktails from Curatif that I'll be trying in the next few weeks and I am so so excited. Stay tuned for that!

I'm here every Friday giving you my ready-to-drink cocktail reviews. These are totally just my non-professional opinions based on my own tastes so I'd love to hear what you think in the comments.

Until next week, cheers!


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