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vodka cocktails

vodka cocktails

Canned cocktail review: Dashfire Lemon & Lavender Martini and Pomegranate El Presidente

" . . . These are sipping cocktails for sure and will 100% make you forget whatever is bothering you. Cheers to that!"
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Canned Cocktail Review: FTB Gin Fizz & Kamikaze

" . . . Both of these cocktails are made with real liquor which you know is a winner in my book so they are starting out ahead already. And as soon as I popped the tops on these I could smell the fresh citrus. Also a win."
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Canned cocktail review: Chaco Flaco

" . . . these are made with real liquor!! Not flavored wine or beer or malt beverage. Real vodka, real tequila, and real rum! They are already winning in my book!!"
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Canned cocktail review: Revel Tales

" . . .  it all comes together to be like nothing else I've ever had."
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Canned cocktail review: Carbliss ready-to-drink vodka cocktails

" . . . If you are looking for a super flavorful cocktail that will take you back to your childhood, give the Carbliss cocktails a try."
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