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rum cocktails

rum cocktails

Canned Cocktail Review: Fling Mai Tai

" . . . Fling is from Missouri. I'm from Missouri. So they get bonus points right off the bat."
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Canned Cocktail Review: 'Merican Mule (Part 2)

" . . . Spoiler alert: one of these was a sleeper hit for me and my friends"
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Canned Cocktail review: Greenbar Distillery Rum + Cola

"This canned cocktail from Greenbar Distillery isn't trying to be trendy by being light and low cal. It's simply trying to be delicious and it has done that in spades!"
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Canned cocktail review: BuzzBallz Lotta Colada

" . . . I was instantly transported back to the days when my dancing queen, gay bestie basically lived on Malibu and pineapple."
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Ready-to-drink cocktail review:
Kahlua White Russian

" . . . At first sniff of this bottled cocktail I was nervous. When I opened the cap I got a super strong cheap alcohol smell but I figured we could only go up from here so I forged on."
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