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bloody mary

bloody mary

Canned cocktail review: Picnic Brunch Bloody Mary

" . . .After trying two of these canned cocktails I have two pro tips to share with you for partaking in the Picnic Brunch Bloody Mary."
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Canned Cocktail Review:
Curatif Bloody Mary

" . . .  after I got over the initial joy of the complexity of the flavor . . . "
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Ready-to-drink cocktail review:
Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary

" . . . maybe even more importantly, having a good canned bloody mary on hand as a little hair of the dog remedy would be a-mazing."
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Cocktail mix review:
Zing Zang bloody mary

". . . The beauty of a good cocktail mix is you can 1) Add as much or as little booze as you'd like  2) You can use your favorite liquor or get creative with using say, bacon vodka ... and "
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