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Round-up: All the canned cocktails I tried in 2020 + my top cocktails of the year

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Hi cocktail lovers! It has been a loooooong year and it's finally coming to a close so today I'm looking back on all the ready-to-drink cocktails I tried in 2020. So many more canned cocktail brands popped up this year and more people than ever tried their first canned cocktail as we all stayed home both of which make my little cocktail loving heart sooo happy!

And of course this couldn't be an end-of-the-year roundup with a list of my very favorites of the year. Here are the canned cocktails I'm still thinking about and would gladly buy more of:

My favorite canned cocktails of 2020:

All the cocktails from Crafthouse - each of the cocktails in this line is good enough to stand on it's own on my list of favorites. I tried to narrow it down but honestly, it's the whole line for me. Don't hesitate to pick up any of the cocktails from Crafthouse Cocktails.


Cranberry Long Drink - I've seen The Long Drink popping up more and more, even at bars. I love the OG Long Drink in the blue can but I'm dreaming of more of the red can, the Cranberry Long Drink. It's like any other cocktail I've had. It's fizzy (and not in a seltzer kind of way), it has a light cranberry flavor and the perfect amount of gin. I would never turn down one of these and you shouldn't either. 


Two Chicks Sparkling Vodka Pear and Elderflower - This canned cocktail from Two Chicks was an unexpected hit for me. Until I tried this one, I was ready to write off all sparkling vodka drinks as not having enough flavor, enough umph, enough excitement to really do it for me. But this one! This one is good! The pear and elderflower flavor is really good and it breaks the mold for sparkling cocktails. Two thumbs up from me.


Cocktail Squad Bourbon Smash - OMG this one! I dream of these and I haven't been able to get my hands on more. I like all of the cocktails from Cocktail Squad but their Bourbon Smash with its blackberry flavor is killing it. This is such a great cocktail and a perfect example of how "real" cocktails can totally come in a can. If you like whiskey drinks, please please try this one.


'Merican Mule - Tropical Style & Southern Style - This brand is all about moscow mules and putting their own spin on the flavors. I tried four of their flavors and liked all of them but the tropical with rum as the liquor and the southern style with whiskey are both in my top cocktails of the year. The Tropical Style is especially a canned cocktail that comes to my mind pretty often when I'm in the mood for a end of the day drink. 'Merican Mule just debuted a new Fire Style with whiskey, cinnamon and ginger and I can't wait to try it in 2021.


Candid - Vodka with Black Tea, Lemonade & Thyme - This canned cocktails is a little bit like a spiked Arnold Palmer but sooo much better. It's flavors are much more elevated and it is just all around an awesome drink. I can't wait for summer and more of this cocktail from Candid. It's the perfect hot weather cocktail.


Tip Top Proper Cocktails - Old Fashioned - This was the first cocktail of 2020 the knocked my socks off. This is a damn good cocktail and another perfect example that a quality cocktail, even something as high brow as an Old Fashioned, can be done really really well in a can. The Tip Top cocktails are all really good and I'm crossing my fingers they hit mass distribution in 2021. So far they are only available in a few states but their Old Fashioned is 100% worth the cost of shipping!


 I feel really luck that I got to try so many cocktails in 2020 and you know I can't leave anyone out so in addition to my favorites above, I wanted to share with you the full list of everything I tired this year.

In case you are new here and this is the first post of mine that you are seeing, I review a new canned or ready-to-drink cocktail every Friday. Some of them I pick up locally at my Total Wine or grocery stored and other's are sent to me to try. I work hard to find smaller, less well-known brands to try so I can do my part to support the makers and the canned cocktail industry as a whole. This year has been so hard for a lot of small businesses and the makers of these cocktails are in that same boat. If you love cocktails, please consider trying something from the little guys next time you are picking up drinks. And hey, you can always come back to this blog to check out my reviews before you make a purchase so you don't end up missing out on something great.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the ready-to-drink cocktails I tried in 2020 organized by liquor:

Whiskey cocktails:

Vodka cocktails:

Tequila cocktails:

Rum cocktails:

Gin Cocktails:

Hard Seltzers & Sparkling Cocktails: 


Thank you so much for drinking along with me this year. I can't wait to see what cocktails are coming our way next year! And with that I'm signing off until January so see you in the new year cocktail lover! 

    Do you know of a ready-to-drink cocktail I should try in 2021? Let me know in the comments.



    Note: We hope you enjoy our reviews. If you do decide to purchase these cocktails online using the links provided we may collect a small share of the sale.
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