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Ready-to-drink cocktail review: Dashfire Old Fashioned & Manhattan

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Dashfire Old Fashioned and Manhattan canned cocktail reviewed by The Pursuit of Cocktails

TGIF cocktail lovers! I have something super exciting for all the whiskey lovers this week. I'm trying an Old Fashioned and Manhattan from Dashfire and I couldn't be more excited! They were nice enough to send me their full line of cocktails to try so I'll trying a few each week for the next few weeks starting with the whiskey cocktails of course. You know those are my favorite!

I love the branding around this line. It is slightly masculine, super elevated, and just very Mad Men. The cans are tiny too which usually means super boozy when it comes to ready-to-drink cocktails. All the signs point to these being great canned cocktails so let's give them a try!

Here is my official review of the Dashfire Old Fashioned and Manhattan:

5 out of 5 cocktail shakers
From the second I went to open these canned cocktails I knew it was going to be a full "experience." Instead of the traditional pop top, these cans have the old school pull tab which really sets the tone for the classy experience you are about to have.
Naturally I decided these deserved to be poured into a glass to enjoy so I grabbed a few ice cubes and rock glasses. I garnished the Old Fashioned with a dried orange using a Swizzly Stick from my classic cocktails collection and I topped the Manhattan off with a few bourbon soaked cherries on a black cheers Swizzly Stick. And then I was ready to sip.
When I tell you these are some of the strongest, best, tastiest whiskey drinks I've ever had - I mean dang!! These are goooooood. And on par with the fanciest of fancy cocktail I've ever had. Both the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan taste exactly like those cocktails should, plus a little extra oomph of awesominess I can't quite put my finger on. And forget about the can! No whiskey lover would ever believe you if you told them these cocktails came from a can.
These Dashfire whiskey cocktails are exactly what is this ready-to-drink cocktail movement is all about. These are real, high brow cocktails hiding in a can. 
10/10 - can't say enough amazing things about these


Two out of five cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

Both of these canned cocktails have that rich whiskey sweetness you'd expect from a whiskey cocktail but nothing over the top.

In the grand scheme of cocktail sweetness, neither one of these Dashfire canned cocktails were particularly sweet. True to form, the Old Fashioned was a smidge sweeter. (Also known as the main reason I prefer Old Fashioneds to Manhattans.)



5 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos

The Dashfire canned cocktails might be small but dang do they pack a punch! Both the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan officially ring in at 38% ABV!! Don't mistake these as dainty little cocktails because of their size or they'll knock you on your booty!

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

OMG yes!! These are now officially on my top whiskey cocktail list - which is saying something because I've been lucky enough to try a lot of really good ready-to-drink whiskey cocktails. The Dashfire Old Fashioned and Manhattan will be joining my list of favorites along with Tip Top Proper Cocktails, Slow & Low, 34 North, and Cocktail Squad.

If you want to give these ready-to-drink whiskey cocktails a try, you can order them online from Total Wine and have them delivered to your door.

Order the Dashfire whiskey canned cocktails online here >>

I'll be back next week with two more Dashfire cocktails so make sure to come back for that. Until next week cocktail lovers, Cheers!  

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