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Non-alcoholic cocktail review: Curious Elixirs

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Alcohol-free cocktail review of Curious Elixirs by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Hi cocktail lovers! Dry January is almost over but I didn't want it to pass by entirely with out trying our first ever alcohol-free cocktail. 

I recently connected with the team at Curious Elixirs and they generously sent me a box of their booze-free cocktails. Each of their cocktails are named with numbers and the sent me Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, and Number 4 plus a little card that explained the flavors and specific health benefits of each cocktail.

This is my first time trying a non-alcoholic cocktail line so I'm excited, I don't know what to expect, and I have nothing to compare it to. So let's do this!

I did pour each of these cocktails into glasses and man, are they pretty! These might be the prettiest cocktails I've reviewed, boozy or not. I mean, look at that color!

Curious Elixir Number 4 with orange paper straw from The Pursuit of Cocktails

Here is my official review of Curious Elixirs:

4 out of 5 cocktail shakers

Going into this I had no idea what to expect. Curious Elixirs are my first ever booze-free cocktail experience. The very first thing I was struck with is how beautiful these drinks are once you pour them out of the bottle. Pro tip: make sure to invert the bottle before you open it to remix the cocktail. There is a lot of good stuff in there! So, first impressions are, these look like legit, fancy, interesting cocktails.
Each of these cocktails has a different flavor profile filled with layers of flavor which is listed for you right on the packaging. Throughout tasting these I thought it was really interesting to see that some of the flavors I expected to like the most ended up not being my favorites after all. And that each of the Curious Elixir booze-free cocktails solidly has it's own flavor. Each one of these tastes entirely different from the next one, which is a feat not a lot of cocktail lines actually pull off. It is super impressive how diverse and flavorful these cocktails are.
I started with Number 4 because the flavors caught my eye the most - I love anything blood orange. It was super orange-y and not at all sweet. It is much less sweet than a typical orange juice yet it has way more orange flavor topped with a touch of fizz. This is also the prettiest of the bunch in my mind. :)
Number 1 is a really dry, pomegranate cocktail. It reminded me a lot of kombucha which I really enjoyed. Number 2 is described as a spicy pineapple margarita. I don't know that I got margarita from this but I did like the kick of spice with the pineapple flavor. This one also reminded me a lot of kombucha. But Number 3 is the one that surprised me the most. It is a lemony, cucumber water with fizz and a dose of ashwagandha all of which were the perfect thing I need to relax. I drank the whole bottle of Number 3 last night and honestly felt better about life thanks to the de-stressing this booze-free cocktail provided. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a little extra help de-stressing these days.
After trying all four of these Curious Elixirs I have to say I am surprisingly on board with this. It was nice to have a fancy cocktail with all of the good stuff and none of boozy side effects. I love how carefully crafted these are. I love the flavors. I love the added relaxation and health benefits. These are definitely worth looking into if you are even a little bit curious about alcohol-free cocktails.



0 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = not sweet at all  // Five shakers = your teeth may curl

The booze-free Curious Elixir cocktails are not at all sweet and they are earning the first ever, zero out of five cocktail shakers on our sweetness scale. They are super flavorful cocktails, just without any sweetness to speak of.


0 out of 5 cocktail shakers
One shaker = does this have booze? Five shakers = OG Four Lokos

Another first! These non-alcoholic cocktails are our first ever zero out of five cocktail shaker on our boozy scale too. While the Curious Elixirs are alcohol-free cocktails they do still give you a little bit of a boost in a way that is super similar to kombucha. I really enjoyed to mood enhancing benefits of these cocktails. I had a pretty rough day yesterday and these really did help. 

Would I buy this ready to drink cocktail again?

Yes, I think so. The flavors are complex and interesting. The drinks are pretty so they feel fancy. And I also super enjoyed the added benefits that come with the booze-free Curious Elixirs - and not just the lack of a hangover.

The Curious Elixirs did boost my mood and provided a little extra relaxation so they are a great replacement to an alcoholic drink for the nights when all you are seeking is something to mellow out your day but is more than just a hot tea or sparkling water.

Overall I think this alcohol-free cocktail trend is pretty interesting. Personally I love cocktails for the uniqueness, the complex flavor combinations, and most importantly - the fancy feeling that cocktails have that no other drink can match. So why not a booze-free version?

If you want to give a non-alcoholic cocktail a try I definitely recommend checking out Curious Elixirs. You can peruse all of their flavor options and order them right from their website here:

Order Curious Elixirs booze-free cocktails here >>

Until next week cocktail lovers, Cheers! 

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  • I just got some Curious Elixers to try! So far, Number 5 is very tart, not at all the smooth and mellow beverage I thought it would be. I’m intrigued to try the ones in my sampler pack: 1, 2, 4 and 6. So far my favorite non-alcoholic cocktail is Ghia, I highly suggest that you give it a try!

    Mary-Ellen on

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