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Coming soon - canned cocktail review: Slow and Low

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Hi cocktail lovers,

Today I had planned to post a review of Slow & Low, the uber trendy, tiny black canned cocktail I've been crushing on for a few years, but I'm going to postpone it for now. Sad right?!

If you caught my Instagram Stories yesterday then you saw me post a video of the can with the cocktail poured into a glass in the background. The brand immediately reached out to me and told me there was a problem with the can I had. Long story short, they had a few cans where the liquid got discolored - still totally safe, just not as pretty. So I will be getting a new can, I'll take new photos and I'll post a full review soon. Even though it is just an aesthetic issue, I don't think it would be fair to post about the cocktail knowing that the can I picked up happened to be faulty. I love the vibe of this brand so much, so I'm just holding off for now.

The bad news is, because this all happened last minute, I don't have another cocktail review ready to share with you today. (I know I should work ahead but I can never seem to make that happen with all the other small business hats I wear. My bad!)

So come back next week for another review. And also check out my Instagram Stories today for a sneak peek at the cocktails that are coming up next.

Until next week cocktail lovers! 


Ready-to-drink cocktail review

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