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Cocktail subscription box review: Shaker and Spoon

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Shaker and Spoon review - monthly cocktail subscription box review by The Pursuit of Cocktails

Note: This article contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. 

This week I'm bring you my first ever cocktail subscription box review - starting with a Shaker and Spoon review! I love cocktails but I have never enjoyed making them at home because I never have all the fancy ingredients on hand. So I am excited to see if using a full cocktail kit box will change my mind. If you are unfamiliar with the cocktail subscription box model make sure to check out my last post where I rounded up all of the best cocktail subscription boxes to try, but basically they are a monthly subscription box that comes with everything you need to make quality cocktails at home - and some of them even come with the alcohol included! The Shaker and Spoon box does not come with alcohol but it does come with everything else you'll need to make three different, super fancy cocktails.

Each of the Shaker and Spoon monthly cocktail subscription boxes are themed around one spirit and are designed to show you how you can get lots of different cocktail flavors from one liquor. I choose to review a box that used Mezcal because that is a liquor I'm not as familiar with. I picked up a bottle of Mezcal from Trader Joes, grabbed my Shaker and Spoon box, and started channeling my inner (terrible) mixologist.

Order a Shaker and Spoon's monthly cocktail subscription box here >>

My Shaker and Spoon box had everything I needed including recipe cards for three cocktails that each made four servings, so a total of 12 cocktails. For the purpose of this blog post I made each cocktail in the box at the same time (while videoing it - stay tuned to IG to see what a messy bartender I am!). Before I started I wasn't sure if I'd be making the full four servings of each cocktail but a quick look at the recipe confirmed that you can make just one serving which perfect for me since I live alone and I really do not need to be drinking four - let alone 12 - servings of a cocktail on a Tuesday night.

My first impressions of Shaker and Spoon before I started mixing up cocktails were that (1) I was excited to try all the obscure ingredients that came in my box that I would 100% never buy on my own, (2) happy I could make just one cocktail at a time, - and (3) a little nervous if I'm being honest.

So how did it go? 

Here is my full Shaker & Spoon review:

  • Fancy! - My box came with so many little bottles of ingredients, a tiny jar of jam, and even a little misting bottle to top off one of the cocktails. There is zero way I would ever go to that much effort on my own but having it arrive straight to my house with everything I need - including garnish! - and detailed recipe cards made it fun and I felt like I was creating truly elevated cocktails especially for just being at home on a weeknight.

  • Easy to follow - As I've said, I don't usually enjoy making cocktails so I was a little worried this would be overwhelming but the recipe cards made it really easy to follow. I super enjoyed that the cards told you exactly what type of cocktail glass to use, what bar tools, and included exact directions for how mix the cocktails including the number of seconds to shake or stir with the ice to chill the drinks. As a newbie mixologist, I found that super helpful.

  • Unique experience - Making these cocktails was really more of an experience and I think it would be awesome to do as a girls night or date night. How fun would it be to have one of these cocktail boxes show up every month for a standing date with your friends - or three times a month, one day for each cocktail? I enjoyed making (and drinking!) these cocktails but it would have been even more fun to share it with a fellow cocktail lover.

  • Yum! - Arguably the most important part, each of the cocktails I made in my Shaker & Spoon box was so good! And so different from the last. Each cocktail really did have a totally unique flavor even through they were all using the same liquor. One of them was rich and dark like an Old Fashioned, one was sweeter, and one was right in the middle with a really unique combination of flavors. 

Overall, I would give the Shaker and Spoon monthly cocktail subscription box a 10/10. The cocktails were amazing. It was super easy and fun to do. And I definitely learned some new mixology skills in the process. 

Shaker and Spoon review by The Pursuit of Cocktails

The Shaker and Spoon subscriptions start at $40/month with a variety of timing options from receiving a box every month to trying a single cocktail kit box. Visit their website for more info.

Order Shaker and Spoon's monthly cocktail subscription box here >>

Until next week cocktail lovers! Cheers!


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