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Canned cocktail review: Candid Cocktails (Part 1)

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

Canned cocktail review of Candid Cocktails by The Pursuit of Cocktails

More than just a pretty can?  

More than one of my friends who has been to my house (pre-social distancing of course! I'm home alone with my puppy these days.) spotted these cans in my kitchen and were intrigued. They see a lot of canned cocktails come through my kitchen but these cans are different.

The Candid Cocktails cans  have a very detailed, almost scientific style illustration, this luxe metallic lettering, and they just *feel* fancy. I've been looking forward to trying them for a long time! Real talk, I was hoping to be able to share these with my girl friends and take pictures cute pictures outside but the current COVID-19 situation ruined my fun. So with all the social distancing I couldn't help myself and I just had to try the pretty Candid Cocktail cans this week a la #treatyoself.

I am going to score these cocktails separately but there are a few things that ring true for both of them that I wanted to talk about first. Both of these canned cocktails have a delightful botanical quality to them and the flavor combinations are so unique. I've never had a cocktail quite like either of these which is so much fun for me as a cocktail lover. I also love the creativity of this brand and I'm not just talking about their packaging - which you know I love. Spoiler alert: these cans are not just a pretty face. The Candid Cocktails cans bring the craft cocktail realness.

Both of these cocktails are a 1 out of 5 on my sweetness scale. They are each tart and crisp but definitely not sweet.

And both of these cocktails are a 3 out of 5 on my booziness scale. They both ring in at 8.5% ABV which is on the higher end of the canned cocktails I've tried. In both cases, I know the can says there is booze but I really can't taste it at all. These are quality crafted cocktails and the liquor blends in so seamlessly you wouldn't even know it was there.

Now let's dig into the individual cocktails!

Candid Cocktails Vodka with Black Tea, Lemonade & Thyme:

Candid Cocktails canned cocktail review of Vodka with Black Tea, Lemonade and ThymeOverall score:
5 out of 5 cocktail shakers

Um, yes please! This cocktail is like an artisan Arnold Palmer which is my go-to summer drink. The touch of thyme really makes it special. The only issue here is that I had no idea there was vodka in it so it would be really really easy to drink a lot of these without realizing how tipsy you were getting.  These would be perfect to serve at an outdoor party this summer. They are light, refreshing and so so so good! Add these to your shopping list immediately.

Candid Cocktails Gin with Mint, Grapefruit & Lime Juice:

Candid Cocktails canned cocktail review of Gin with Mint, Grapefruit & Lime JuiceOverall score:
3 out of 5 cocktail shakers

In this case, my 3 might be your 5 if you love grapefruit. I've talked a lot about grapefruit on this blog - it seems to be popping up in more and more cocktails. I do not love grapefruit. However there are times where it is combined with other flavors in a cocktail and I do like it.

This cocktail from Candid is hard core grapefruit. You will get the full grapefruit pucker face from this cocktail. The flavor is like no other cocktail I've ever had which makes me like it a lot, but man - it is grapefruit-y. In terms of cocktail sweetness, this one is pure sour between the grapefruit and the lime. 

I definitely don't hate this cocktail and I would encourage every person I know to take a sip. This cocktail is a conversation starter for sure!




Would I buy these again?

Yes! That Vodka with Black Tea, Lemonade & Thyme will be on my mind for a long time. I will definitely try to pick more up this summer before I head to the beach. 

There are two more cocktails from Candid Cocktails and I'll be back next week to review those - Vodka with Elderflower, Cucumber, Mint & Lime Juice and Bourbon Whiskey with Honey, Ginger, Lemon & Apple Juice. I *can not* wait to crack open that whiskey drink!!

See you then! Cheers babes!

Have you tried any of the Candid canned cocktails? What did you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section. The more opinions the better! Let's "drink together" and share our cocktail stories. 


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