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Our favorite ready-to-drink Margaritas + 1 to avoid at all costs

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

After trying tons of canned, bottled, and pre-made margaritas over the years, I've decided to celebrate this festive holiday by sharing my favorites with you. So grab your shopping list and take notes. Here are my favorite ready-to-drink margaritas I've tried so far.

Best Overall: Cayman Jack Margarita

Best premixed margarita - Cayman Jack ready-to-drink margarita

This marg from Cayman Jack was one of the very first ready-to-drink cocktails I tried and reviewed. I was shocked at how good it was - which only spurred me to try more pre-made cocktails. If only they were all as good as the Cayman Jack margarita, our lives would be much tastier. 

Cayman Jack is at the very top of the list for us for both "best margarita" AND "best bottled cocktail." If you haven't tried one yet you really should. 


Order the Cayman Jack margaritas online here >>

My favorite fancy margaritas - aka unique flavors:

Austin Cocktails Bergamot Orange Margarita 

Austin Cocktails ready to drink margarita

This margarita from the Austin Cocktails line wins are vote for fancy, non-traditional margarita. It is rich with orange flavor (not traditionally found in a margarita) and has a booze kick without a ton of sugar that some margaritas have. 

If you are looking for an elevated margarita then definitely check this one out. 


Order this Austin Cocktails Bergamot Orange Margarita online here >> 

Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky Margarita

Crafthouse Cocktails Smoked Margarita ready-to-drink margarita

Discovering the Crafthouse Cocktails has been one of my favorite experiences as a cocktail blogger. This full line is amazing and their Smoky Margarita is perfection.

Not only is the Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky amazing - it is also available in single serve aluminum bottles, wine sized glass bottles, and the game changing BOX OF COCKTAILS that has 15 margaritas worth of goodness tucked inside. And if there is a margarita that is worthy of having a box, it's this one!!


Order the Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky Margarita online here >> 

DRNXMYTH Cucumber Margarita

Best premixed margaritas - DRNXMYTH Cucumber Margarita

This DRNXMYTH marg is something special. It is still true to it's margarita roots but it also has this extra layer of yummy cucumber, almost like spa water, and a little bit of spice. It's not hot spice, just spice. It's incredible! (I don't think I've ever used that word on this blog.) I'm obsessed. You *have* to try this Cucumber Margarita ASAP!

The Drnxmyth bottles each contain two cocktails so you can share with a friend. And I will NOT be sharing this one with a friend. I will be drinking every drop by myself and loving it. I will however buy a friend their own bottle. I'm just not sharing mine. LOL

15/10 possibly my favorite cocktail this year.


Order the Drnxmyth Cucumber Margarita online here >>


While this might not be a high brow canned cocktail, it certainly has it's place on my list of favorite margaritas.

I love how there are so many Rita flavors and their accessibility is top notch. You can find these babies almost anywhere. Heck you can even get them in a multi-pack. 

Don't over look these for a fun party or camping addition. They might not be the fanciest margarita on our list but they are super tasty and fun.


Order Peach-A-Ritas online here >> 

My favorite traditional margaritas:

DRNXMYTH Classic Margarita

DRNXMYTH Classic Margarita - best ready-to-drink margarita by The Pursuit of Cocktails

This is a damn good margarita. The tequila is a really nice, high quality - which I can especially attest to since I accidentally took a few shots of it straight. The lime and orange liqueur is perfect. It is slightly sweet. But the thing that strikes me the most is that you can actually taste the margarita salt. I sipped this straight out of the bottle (don't come for me, I was being lazy), so I didn't have a salted rim but I still got a full margarita, salted rim experience. Upon further inspection the label does mention "salt drops" which is not something I've ever seen on another ready-to-drink cocktail label. I am telling you, this brand is onto something with multiple unique, out of the box takes on what a ready-to-drink cocktail can be. Plus this Classic Margarita might be my new favorite pre-made marg. 

10/10 would highly recommend


Order the Drnxmyth Classic Margarita online here >>

Post Meridiem Margarita

Post Meridiem canned margarita

Don't let the size of this can fool you, there is a strong, super tasty margarita waiting for you inside. And this one has real lime juice which might not seem like that big a deal but I promise you it's magic. The lime juice sets this one apart from the pack. it is so good. I want another can of it right now just thinking about it!

One more thing important thing to note about this one is that it is boozy af. This can is small because the cocktail inside is 27.5% ABV - just like a margarita should be in my book.


Order the Post Meridiem Margarita online here >> 

10 Barrel Brewing Classic Margarita

10 Barrel Brewing Classic Margarita with Swizzly Stick and lime wedge garnish

 If there was a ready-to-drink margarita award for best can design, this one would win hands down for me. I love how colorful and festive this can is. But most importantly, it is not just a pretty face. There is a really solid, super traditional margarita inside that can.

I originally described this canned margarita as reliable and I'm going to stand by that description. This marg is like an old friend. You know what to expect from it and it won't let you down.


Order the 10 Barrel Classic Margarita online here >>  

 And one more margarita tip because I don't want any other cocktail lovers to suffer...

Avoid at all costs: The Skinnygirl Margarita

Skinnygirl margarita pre-made cocktail review

I still shutter a little bit thinking about this one. It was just bad. Like really bad. The flavor was flat. The sweetness was all wrong with an overwhelming fake sweet taste to it. And it was booze in a cheap drunk kind of way that left her with a headache before she'd even finished my drink. 

If you are going to a party at someone's house you don't like and you are going to just drop in and leave - then maybe consider taking this margarita as your hostess gift. But don't drink it yourself under any circumstances!


We are always trying new margaritas. In fact we try a new ready-to-drink cocktail every Friday. Come back each week for a fresh cocktail review or stay tuned into our margarita reviews exclusively using the link below.



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  • Howdy from Texas,
    This is a great review of instant margarita brands. I was wondering if you have tried Uno Mas lime margarita in the 1.5 liter bottle and how much sugar is in a bottle. Thank you.


    bryan on

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