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8 Cocktail advent calendars for 2021 worth checking out this year

Posted by Jaime Fowler on

8 Cocktail advent calendars 2021 | Advent calendars 2021 for adults

 Hello cocktail lovers! If you are looking for the perfect boozy advent calendar, this is the post for you. I am rounding up eight cocktail advent calendars worth checking out this year. 

#1 Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar - $79
Order it online here >>
Count on being surprised with the best assortment of canned cocktails from brands like Hornitos, Ketel One, Bacardi, Absolut and more! This cocktail advent calendar includes 12 canned cocktails.

#2 Sheelin 12 Days Of Irish Cream Calendar -  $30
Order it online here >>
This boozy advent calendar is a flavor exploration that includes 12 original Sheelin Irish Creme flavors ranging from tropical tastes to warming notes. Examples include: chocolate cherry, colada, creme brulee, key lime, mango, mocha and more! This alcohol advent calendar would be perfect for making boozy coffee cocktails this winter.

#3 Heritage Distilling Spirit Advent Calendar -  $46
Order it online here >>
This liquor advent calendar for Heritage Distilling includes 24 minis of their award winning vodkas, gin, whiskey and bourbon. We love that this one will take you all the way through December with a boozy treat every day!

#4 Firerball's Countdown Advent Calendar -  $24
Order it online here >>
Add a little cinnamon to your holiday countdown with this boozy advent calendar from Fireball. Each day for 25 days, you'll open a door to a brand new bottle of Fireball. This one is sure to help warm up your inside as the weather gets colder outside through the holiday season!

#5 Jack Daniels Holiday Countdown Calendar Twenty Pack Gift -  $69
Order it online here >>
Jack Daniels Holiday Countdown Calendar comes with more than just liquor. This boozy advent calendar includes 20 50ml bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey plus  4 shot glasses. The flavors include Tennessee Honey, Old No. 7, Tennessee Fire, Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel Select, and Tennessee Rye. This one is perfect for whiskey lovers or anyone aspiring to be a whiskey drinker.

#6 Crown Royal Whisky Tasting Calendar Gift -  $50
Order it online here >>
If Canadian whiskey is more your thing, check out this whiskey advent calendar from Crown Royal. It includes mini bottles of their peach, salted caramel, black blended, fine de luxe blended, regal apple, and vanilla flavored whisky.

#7 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar -  $60
Order it online here >>
If you've followed me for a while then you know I am *not* team seltzer. But I still wanted to include this hard seltzer advent calendar for the cocktail lovers who do enjoy a seltzer. This boozy advent calendar includes 12 different hard seltzers to try.

#8 Flaviar's Whiskey Advent Calendar -  $250
Order it online here >>
I saved the best, most over-the-top boozy advent calendar for last. This whiskey advent calendar also includes a free membership to their whiskey club. The liquor advent calendar itself includes 24 spirits samples, a glencairn glass, Flaviar coaster, and tasting notes booklet.  You'll open a new whisky vial every day of December and learn by doing (tasting). This is the ultimate in whiskey exploration.

Bonus last minute addition:

NIPYATA Boozy Advent Calendar - $110
Order it online here >>
I just discovered this shot filled advent calendar and I had to add it to the list. This one is filled with 12 mini bottles of booze from around the world including Skrewball peanut butter whiskey which as become a personal favorite of mine. 

Which boozy advent calendar will you be picking up this year? Let me know in the comments!

Note: We hope you enjoy our reviews. If you do decide to purchase these cocktails online using the links provided we may collect a small share of the sale.

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash  

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